Laugh at Your -- er-- Other's Mistakes!

It’s good to laugh about your mistakes, but it’s even better to laugh about others ;)
Here are some that I find, while a bit annoying, a good laugh in spite of their ignorance
This makes me laugh just a little bit. I thought their “cure,” to “get the pancreas back up to a healthy state,” sounds a bit like they’re telling us it’s just unhealthy.

The point of this isn’t the Hannah Montana J Really I couldn’t be less interested in her. I want to point out a comment made on the video, though: “A low blood sugar means you can faint LOL. “

This one sort of goes hand-in-hand with this:

I don’t know if it is just bad acting, or his friend really was low. It seemed a bit fake to me, but then again low blood sugars do sound different. Anyway, the point of these last two links was to vent my frustration with people posting “LOL” on these things. Seriously?! Number 1: fainting from a low blood sugar is the farthest thing from fun. Number 2: Low blood sugars aren’t funny! I find it extremely annoying that someone would film the last video in the first place. It’s one thing if you’re trying to show people what diabetes is with a first hand experience, but I get the feel that wasn’t what they were trying to do. And then to have the audacity to post ‘LOL’ in the title… it’s annoying and ignorant!

Anyone else think so?

If you’ve got any more mistakes of others’ to laugh at (within reason if you know what I mean J ), post here!! J

I clicked on the first link, but after reading that, I couldn't click on any more. That kind of stuff makes we want to tear my hair out!!! Grrrrrr! It's irresponsible, dangerous, and SHOULD be criminal.


Yeah, people are not educated well enough about type 1 diabetes. In my nutrition class, my teacher tried to get a speaker from ADA to come, but they sent a rep from sanofi aventis instead. She did not know anything at all and was telling the kids everything wrong. She even told me that I was wrong, I just laughed at her and said I think I know a little something about this. Finally, we had a teacher in the school with type 1 come in. She taught the kids everything and everyone started to understand that my "beeper" was a little more than just that. It is pretty shocking when they ask if it is a beeper, because who still has a beeper? But I'm glad some people began to understand what it is all about. We need more education about the disease in health classes, because when I tell people I have diabetes they always give me a look like "he isn't fat" and it's the complete opposite. I lost 15 pounds over one summer of hell...

Am I bored?
The solution?
Pop some popcorn, pull up a chair, get that insulin pumpin, and Google 'type 1 diabetes cure.'
And of course, post the results back here.
So in the spirit of "laughing" at others' mistakes (even when it just ticks me off) prepare to laugh your guts out. Cause these people are pretty darn stupid if they think they have cured juvenile diabetes.

The Google description has it listed as this:
Diabetes Has Been Cured

You'll Be Shocked What It Is!
Gov't Threatens to Shut Down Site.

Go government!!

I think I already posted this here, but 'healthy pancreas' my pump!


M'kay... not sure what they're talking about? Curing it or handling it?!

Okay, those were actually kind of lame excuses for web sites that "cure" juvenile diabetes. That and I didn't read all of the stuff posted on there, so it may be for type 2?

But kudos to all the sites out there that have got it right!
I actually found more web sites covering juvenile diabetes being cured in mice (stem cell research) than claiming to already have the cure. Got any web sites that can 'cure' it? Post here; we'll have a good "laugh" :)