Least favorite blood sugar?

To go off Paul's posting about your favorite BS, what is your least favorite? For me it was hard to choose between really low and high, but I have to say ... 298. It means if I retested, my meter could easily say over 300, and then I'm stressed and p*ssed!

i gotta go anything above 160...i just feel horrible above that mark



At 200 I feel like a failure. What did I miss? Why am I 200? Anything higher than that and I am feeling too horrible to ask questions.


HIGH  i get rilly bad headack and rilly thrusty.

399...bad news, but really i don't like anything 200 or higher makes me sad.

13.9,15.anything. theres just something about them that i dont like

hate ... hate ... hate ... going low...

seems to happen to me way to often... by far the worst low that I had was two years ago while camping ... right before bed... I could not get my blood sugars up and they were dropping sooooooo fast.... finally my husband and I decided to drive to the nearest hospital...(spprox 1.5 hours away) becuz I was feeling sooo sick from all of the juice and food that I had to eat just to keep from crashing to low and having a seizure... worst EVER. PLUS on the drive down we saw a deer that had been hit by a car... and her baby right beside her looking lost.... so sad.


Candice when you get on the pump those uncontrollable lows will go away. Also, have you checked if you can the government to cover your pump? I know in Ontario we get the government to cover one so you should look into that. 

I was 27.8 (500) like a month ago.. It was terrible. Crashed low huge and kept going low so I over ate, woke up a bit later when the food I was eating actually digested. Felt like death!  

439.  Number has special "lucky" significance BUT is way to high for my blood sugar.

Yeah, those 4 and 5 hundreds are never fun... When I was about 15 or 16, I woke up with my blood sugar at 19... Yes, 19 and I was concious.. Well, sort of...


54.......it seems  that is the # that I get the most when I test right after I start to feel woozy and terrible

When the meter said lo about a month after i was diagnosed.

I hate low blood sugars. id rather have a high sugar all day long. i feel much better. when i get too low it takes me forever to rebound. when im in normal range, because of my job, i burn off everything i have so im constantly checking my sugar and eating to go up in the number only to have it get low again. pain in the butt.

I just experienced one of my lowest lows ever:  1.6 (about 30).  It was not pleasant at all.  It seemed like I just kept eating and eating and could not get my BG back up.  I'm okay now, I think, but heading to bed shortly.  It scares me when I get that low, especially when, like tonight, I'm at home alone. 


I get really mean and extremely thirsty! and i get really tired but i don't like to go to sleep when i'm high because i just got my pump so i'm little nervous about it not working or something going wrong

my least fav bs would have to be anything over 220. i always get a really bad stomach ache when my bs is over 220. as my bs get higher, the worse it gets.

Least fav bs...hmm....Anything in the high 4 to 5 hundreds sucks, as u guys know. My site bled today. (U know, when blood comes through the cannula?) And I didn't notice till I was 487. Ugh.

[quote user="Happy Vegan"]At 200 I feel like a failure. What did I miss? Why am I 200?[/quote]

What did I do wrong? Why am I such a screw-up?

Ya, I feel ur pain, sister. I always feel so stupid when I get high, even if it's not my fault. (site bled or something) Grr...


is "all of them" an acceptable answer? :o)