Least painful lancets

Any recommendations for the least painful lancets for my 8 year old newly diagnosed son?

Hi there! We currently use the accu-check soft click for our three year old. It’s portable and the lances are contained in the barrel, which is changed out after 6 uses. There is also another device that we are considering in the future called genteel that uses vacuum technology to extract blood and can be used in other places aside from fingers. It’s much larger and a little pricey but maybe something to look into in the future. Praying for your son and family.

We use the accurate check as well but just because is very fast to change the barrels. First we used an accicheck and when my son was at round four we change to Delica. When I asked him after pricking him the first time he said you “didn’t do it” as he did not feel a thing, but actually I did!. It might be worth trying it.

I always used OneTouch Delica and loved it. It’s small and easy to use.

In my experience, the shorter the needle part of the lancet, the less painful…I’m not sure which brands that would be but maybe if you Google “short lancet” some images will come up.