Leaving for Bree's Appointment

Say a prayer for us... we are leaving in 10 minutes for our 2 hour drive to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin (Milwaukee) for Bree's 1st Endo appointment. She doesn't want to go but it's too late we are going!!! I'm taking the laptop with me so if there is time and wi-fi available I'll be able to check my email when we get there. 

Sure hope she isn't suppose to be fasting for the entire day because we ARE stopping to get some lunch in about an hour or we might waste away to nothing! 

Have a great day!


I can't imagine why they'd want her to fast, so I think you're good there. Sarah actually really enjoys her Endo appointments. They have a team of diabetes specialists that only work with kids. Hopefully you have something similar.

We have an Endo appointment tomorrow, Sarah can't wait. Looking for a good A1C (she's the competitive type, lol).

Good luck! Hope all goes well. :-)

Robin- i am like Sarah  I always love going to my Endo appointments cause of the great tream and everyone there and cause I have benn going there for 12 years almost 13 years. I Wish u good luck and hope everything goes ok.

Haha I was like your daughter. the only reason I liked going to see the diabetic team at the hospital when i was little, was because I got a prize if my blood sugars had been good or i had followed the instructions they gave me the last appointment (like trying to do my shots in my arms and legs more instead of always in my stomach). when i went for the A1C part though, my mom had to bribe me with a doll from the gift shop(which were pretty expensive..i feel bad for that now haha) because my first experience getting blood drawn was so horrible I started to cry the second i got into the chair until I was about 10 (though I still can't handle getting blood drawn, I at least can get through it without blubbering).


good luck with the appointment!!