Leaving..taking a break..whatever you wanna call it

so i'm gonna leave juvenation for a bit, maybe for good, we'll see what happens. never say "forever" cuz things do change!

a bit of the reason is my emotions right now are really unstable. i'm waiting to take a pregnancy test this week as i'm having the same symptoms as my past pregnancies. but my emotions are waaay more extreme(i don't cry often..but now i have to choke back tears on a regular basis either for no reason at all or something small like breaking a button off my coat) and my temper is much more short! every other symptom i have right now is the same as before down to a T. So it may be that, or maybe i need to start taking "happy sense" again..either way right now..is not a good time.

a bit of the reason is also just being frusterated when talking to other D's. most of it is elevated due to my emotions being crazy right now and i'll admit it's my problem. nothing really major has happened though but i've gotten to the point i just want to go back to the way it was before..where i didn't talk to other D's about diabetes; offline or online.i partially blame my dad's mom for telling me i can watch what i eat instead of taking so many shots and not listening when i tell her that's not true for me(i don't like her to begin with, only the second time i've seen her since i was 3...and she was going off about how she doesnt have to test at all except for the blood test every 3months...she has had Type 2 for 20years..what a hag).

so to save you all from my emotions and my normal way of dealing with things(which i've been told is different from how other people deal with stuff D related or not..and i admit that's true) i've decided to take a break from the site. if i've offended you in anyway the last couple of weeks, i apologize! if you're on my facebook and you don't wanna be anymore, you're welcome to remove me(i won't be offended) as i won't be discussing D related topics(only "normal" converstations!). took my pump blog down last week as well.

sooooo if it turns out i'm pregnant and my emotions go back to normal after the A, then i'll be back. if it turns out i'm not and the happy sense makes my emotions go back to normal, i'll be back. maybe. again, we'll see what happens in the next few weeks!



Good luck. I hope you are in a better place soon.

Taking a break for a month from the site was helpful to me b/c I came back w/ more positive feelings, but I had different reasons.

Take care!!

Hi Batts,you do what you feel you need to do.But do come back...There is only one Batts and who else is going to shake things up on Juvenation,ha...Take Care ....

Hey Batts

I may not know your exact feeling- but taking a break from the net is always a great idea. I've done it a number of times to reset and get back to a more normal feeling that the internet has this ability to take away.

Good luck and always do what is right for you


you'd better not be quitting facebook too! i enjoy our gripe sessions :)


Good luck! Feel better

I'll be sure to harass you on facebook.

Nat you can't leave cause I see you on here every day.