Leg strap for pump?

Has anybody (dress wearers) found a good way to manage their pump while wearing a dress?  A good way at strap it to a thigh?  We have been using a self stick ace wrap which works but seems like there could be a product out there that works better.  It is hard to access the pump when it is strapped on.  My daughter has the Animas Ping, so she can use the remote and leave the pump be, but not always convenient.  She is not interested in tucking it in her bra.

Thanks for any good suggestions.


Hello there ~ I wear my pump w/belt clip hooked on the side of my bra (umder my arm, where it goes around my rib cage).  Because it is basically "on my side", you can't see it.  If I need to bolus for food, I just excuse myself to the bathroom, bolus, and return.  I wish someone would come out with a thigh strap, that would be wonderful...  Let me know if you get any better ideas...  Kristi

I have the same problem  because I like to wear a lot of dresses and think its really annoying to put my pump in my bra. What I've found to work pretty well lately is sticking it in spanx or spanex shorts (without the clip...it usually stays in place if the spanx are tight enough) and I usually put it somewhere on my thigh, depending on the dress, where it is least noticable. I still have to go to the bathroom to use it, but it might be a little more convenient than using an ace wrap.

hey i know  i am a guy but try a pump holder garder i have seen them around on pump product sites and thought this might work.

hey ladies...I have a few websites that you should check out. you can buy a leg pump holder there.

http://www.uniaccs.com/thumbnail.asp?id=2&cid=63  this is the thigh thing, which my cde recommended to me as working the best because the garter keeps it from slipping down.

http://www.bisadora.com/garterpurse1.html  this looks like it would work well too because it has a silicone lining inside to keep it from slipping.

http://www.uniaccs.com/thumbnail.asp?id=2&cid=57 t his one is a more general leg strap that can be used by either sex.

I hope one of these will work for you!


Thank you for the suggestions.  I will check out the websites.

Vered, you were diagnosed a week before my daughter.  She is 17, also interested in animal sciences and will be heading to college next year.  She has been using the Animas Ping since May and it has been so nice.  You will love the convenience.



on minimed.com in the store page their are a ton of all diffrent kinds of straps i personally have like 3 but hope this helps!!

Wow Michelle, seems like your daughter and I have a lot in common!! where are you guys from and where will she be going to school?? Luckily for me I didn't have type 1 when I was a freshman, I just developed it in the middle of my sophmore year..during finals week!! I'm sure she will do great though, and it is nice that she is already set up on the ping so that is one less thing to be worried about. I'm really worried right now because I don't get trained for it until aug. 10th and I have to start school again on the 31st!! I hope that is enough time for me to get adjusted =) Good luck to your daughter!!




I use it quite often, I love it!

My friend Jenn, made her own leg strap... I am going to try to get her to participate in this forum...

I hardly ever wear a dress but...

I clip it to my underwear, or wear shorts underneath and clip it to those. Bought a leg strap from Medtronic but it didn't work, it kept sliding down my leg. I did use pantyhose one time, I cut up an old pair of my mom's to make an 8-inch-long band and then put that around my thigh and slid the pump into it.

Honestly though my best bet is to wear Soffee shorts (white) and clip it to those. Not very accessable but I guess you could excuse yourself and bolus in the bathroom...

Thanks Smile,

This is exactly what we were looking for. 


We are in Jacksonville, Florida.  She has been planning on attending Univ of Central Florida in Orlando since before her diagnosis.  She is in a bit of a funk considering what and where she wants to go now.  I think she is afraid of being away from home.  I am trying to find the balance between supporting her and not wanting her to feel pushed out of the nest.   I think you will have plenty of time to adjust to your pump.  The settings are very easy to navigate and user friendly.  You will love the remote.  Rebecca seems to still be in the honeymoon phase and it has been smooth sailing so far.  Best wishes.


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Thanks Smile,

This is exactly what we were looking for. 



Glad to be of help :-)

I went to UCF!  That is actually where I was diagnosed...  I graduated in 2001, so I am sure things are a bit different now, but if she has any questions I can try to help...

Hello Kate,

We go for a campus visit and student adviser appointment next month.  I am thinking it will get her excited for a college adventure.  Otherwise she will likely end up and Univ N. Florida and that will be fine.  She can always transfer in a couple of years if/when she feels more comfortable.  I have been teasing her that she should select a school where I can get my masters and we can go to school together?  I think she is scared I am serious... Fun with kids...


I think my mom said the same thing!  It really is good to get out there on your own though, it helps people figure out who they really are etc.

Hi Michelle,

I hope she can come around and she what a good oppurtunity it is for her to stick with her plans and going away to the school she likes, so I'm hoping it all works out for her. Let her know if she has any questions she can ask me...just send me a message on here and I will give you my email address or AOL instant messanger screenname.