Less pain for shots any ideas?

Does anyone have any tips/tricks to lessen the pain from shots and pump site rotations? Do they have any numbing creams that work well? Does ice work?

My daughter is 5 and she is having pain when we rotate her pump site (on her belly).

Any tips appreciated,



Are you using a insertion device?  if you use alcohol, do you let it dry completely?  Are you unsing cold insulin?  is she tensing up in fear of pain (muscle tension)?

I would try 1 minute of ice pack before the site change.  There is a product but it's expensive EMLA,  http://www.amazon.com/EMLA-Topical-Numbing-Cream-Anesthetic/dp/B001LOD6W8



Have you tried using other sites altogether? Her bum or her arms??

I know sometimes for me it helps if I try a completely new spot.  It usually pinches a bit or does not hurt at all when I change the location.

Just a thought.  Never tried numbing cream tho.. hmmmmm that might be an idea eh? It wouldn't work for me as I'm on 6-8 injections a day. BUUUT it might for pump site changes.

I'm not on the pump... but when I inject I HATE doing it in my stomach because it hurts!  And I always end up brusing.  I use my butt as much as possible, so maybe it will hurt less for her in other spots besides the stomach too?

If she is on the pump you might be able to ask about different infusion sets? 

WOW..  you people are fast..  Thanks for the quick replies.. :)   We should probly try to give her belly a break for awhile, but it's hard to convince a 5 year old.  We will try the ice paks and I'll look into the cream...

Thanks again..  Keep the ideas coming in..


If you decide to try a new site and she is hesitant, maybe do a site on yourself at the same time?  (not sure what your insurance is like because I know those buggers are expensive to just be playing around with...)  It might help her to see it's no big deal to change the place of her site since her dad did one there too.

We tried the insertion device in the beginning, but she didn't like that at all..  We have the insulin at room temp before putting it in her pump. I know she does tense up, but we have her take a couple deep breaths before it is inserted.  I'm gonna check into the cream..  and Ice 



My sister used to put ice on the spot she was going to bolus from. Both when she was on injections and also after she got put on the pump. Give ice a try if you haven't already.

I have my 2 year old yell ouch as loud as she wants when she gets her injections. It helps to keep her from tensing up.

I don't quite understand the ice suggestions.  Cold makes your skin contract.  You want the skin and muscles to expand or open up so the needle will slide in easier. The ice thing also makes a big production of the whole thing. Which is bad.

It's more of a mind thing than you realize. Relaxation is key!  The only time it hurts when I take shots is when I'm tense.  Take deep breaths, clear your mind and envision your entire body going limp and your skin will actually relax.  I know it cheesy but it's one of those "zen" things. 

Also, don't force the needle in if it hurts upon first touch.  Sometimes you've got to poke around a little to find a good spot. I know she's young but let your daughter start taking control of her shots.  Added pressure from parents will only make her more tense.

All the best!

At my last support group they told me about an alcohol pad that has benzocaine in them.  Walgreens and Walmart make them and my son says they work really well.  They must because I accidently touched my mouth after opening one and my whole lip went numb!

Hey, just thought I'd let you know..  I found those pads at walmart.. Alcohol pad with pain releif. I did the same thing. After using it, a little while later I was biting my nails, and my lip went numb too.. lol

Hey, Fred!

Our pediatric endocrinologist told us not to do injections on our 8-year old's belly because he's too young, and it's too painful.  We're basically rotating thighs and bottom; upper arms are painful for him, too.  We were also told we can use ice, only for about 15 seconds, to numb the site.

Also, Dr. A gave us a really nifty device for injections called "Inject-Ease" made by Palco Labs.  It's a spring-loading deally that you load the syringe into.  You press the round end and rotate it a few times to "numb" the site, then press the botton on the side to snap the syringe in, and push the plunger.  It's so quick our son hardly notices, and the needle is completely hidden, so the visual part is not so scary.  Before he was diagnosed last month, he was terrified of doctors and needles, and became hysterical any time he had to have a shot.  But now he's actually been handling his own injections since about week 2.  (I know that doesn't help with pump insertions, but thought I'd throw it out there)

We've also tried the numbing alcohol wipes, but with the Inject-Ease it really has not been necessary, so I can't say whether or not it helps.  Also, I used one to wipe the top of the vial, and it left a weird deposit after it dried.

I'm curious if your daughter is seeing a pediatric endocrinologist who may be able to help with the "special" needs of kids, or a regular "grown-up" endocrinologist?  Our ped endo has been so fabulous and so sensitive to our son's relative age, I could just kiss him every time we visit.




i'm not on the pump yet, but for my shots i use alcohol pads with pain relief. they just numb it for a few minutes and it dries quickly so you can inject the needle right after the alcohol is dried. hope it helps!

One other idea that seems to work for me is a new type of alcohol swab that CVS Pharmacy now carries that has benzocaine in it.  Using is topically and each time I inject seems easier for me.  Hope this helps!



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