Lesson Learned, Also a Libre Question

My son is on his fourth Freestyle Libre sensor and it seems I made a booboo. I had my daughter do a video so I could show family and friends that although it seems like it hurts him, it doesn’t. Well, he says it doesn’t hurt. He’s 10, he may be trying to be brave.

Anyway, I scanned the new sensor with my phone since I had it right there. Then I scanned with the Libre. It said I couldn’t use that scanner as I began the sensor on another device. :woman_facepalming:t2:

Is there anyway to circumvent that as he needed it to work mostly for school? Or should I just be more vigilant and scan with the Libre first, making it the primary device and deal with my mistake? Thanks for any advice, please be kind with comments, although it has been 9 years, we’re still learning things. Thank you.

I use the libre but i just use the libre scanner to start it and to take the readings. I have never used a phone for scanning. Also, it does not hurt at all to put one on. It is so fast and done.

Hi @FoxFaerie Jennifer, Abbott advises to read with the Libre reader first. There’s nothing I can find easily for if you’ve use the phone first.

This is a good time to call the customer service number to see if they could help.

Don’t be scared of comments, we don’t bite!

Thanks @drkatt and @joe. I’ll just have to chalk it up to a lesson learned. It’s kind of a waste since we were really getting used to it at school and he was doing much better with the scanner. Just a big mom face palm moment there. Lol

Thanks again. :purple_heart:

can he just not take the scanner to school and check it when he needs to, or is the nurse making him come into the office. Either way he should have that scanner in his pocket to be able to test whenever he needs to. Thats just my opinion!

He does take it, but the scanner will not register the sensor as I scanned it with my phone first before scanning with the Libre, thus making it the “primary” scanner. He’s definitely not taking my phone with him to school. Lol I just cant use the scanner until the 10 days are up.

I tried to add a pic of what the scanner says but it didn’t let me. :woman_shrugging:t2:

@FoxFaerie There are some sketchy discussions regarding a reset (on other diabetes sites) but it involves calling Abbott. That may be worth the call if the sensor is new.

I wear the Libre also, I’m pretty sure each new sensor should be scanned first with the reader to start the sensor. Then after the hour warm up you can scan with your cell. You need to scan with the reader at least twice a day for it to have the blood sugar readings in it; it cannot get data from your cell. Plus the Dr. can download the reader’s info but not the cell info. Hope this helps!