Let it snow

If you like me the winter means lots of snow Whats your favorite winter activity any why?

I live in an area that gets a decent amount of snow...it varies from year to year. We're actually slowly starting to get snow now! I actually really do not like winter. It means I spend more time inside and can't get places (unfortunately i live in a semi small town and it takes a decent drive to get anywhere!). But when I can get places my favorite thing to do is Christmas shop...now its probably not the kind of winter activity you were looking for but shopping for a day really gives me some good exercise! Its also so much fun, I love shopping with my friends and family plus its a great way to get new clothes!

Probably stealing trays from the dining hall at my school and sledding down the big hill behind campus... very college...

I loveeeeee sledding and making snow angels. I know I sound like a little kid lol but I promise I'm 16! Haha.

That is really fun!!!! But i have not done that in a while because, where i live it usally dose not snow alot but it flurries a little and it is sooooo beautiful! i cant wait!:]<3

Skiing because Utah has "The Greatest Snow On Earth" Whatever. We don't even have any snow yet. Nada.

omg. i actually hate snow. especially the winter time. :(

skiing is my favorite thing to do in the winter. Every winter break me and all my guy friends go up to my house in vermont house for a week and ski and hang out. it's super fun and the house is in the middle of nowhere aka no internet/ cell phones so it's a great chance to bond and spend some quality time together. I also like to curl up next to a fire with some hot coco or tea and read a good book

id give my soul to get out of the cold...

Snow? What is snow?  Ok. So I know what snow is and I've been in the snow a few times (when my family visits Colorado or Washington in the winter), but in southern Louisiana, we're lucky if it gets chilly a few times in the "winter".  I have to say though, that tubing (in the snow, of course) is probably the funnest thing I've ever done!

Sigh* I wish it would snow here:(

So, I just have to say that it actually snowed in Baton Rouge last night for the first time in years.  Haha!

I wish for a corvette next:)

Haha... that's funny Carolyn. Wish one for me too! 

You never know with Global Warming, our weather has done some pretty unexpected and incredible things in the past few years. You just might get your wish of some snow. I live on the coast of N.C. and it snowed here (just for like 5 min.) a couple weeks ago and trust me, we probably get snow just as much as you would in Louisiana! 

Keep your hopes up!!




I live in Canada. It snows ALOT here in the winter. Not so much this year but a couple schools had to close down because of it. I love my school though because it has no backup generator thing so we get power uotages that will close the school down alot in winter. i`ll continue later cause my mom is getting mad!

true!! i live in canada too. toronto. and were like in a middle of a snow strom right know !?!

ok, i`m continuing from yesterday. Everywhere the temprature is below 0 now. I like running around in the snow with my friends the most because usually their friends come and it goes someone throws snows or pushes someone over then we go attacking hat person... Its really fun.

I love sledding, especially when you get huge groups and have races down the hill.  If you wanna make it reallly fun, allow pushing, shoving, ramming, grabbing others' sleds etc etc.  Very fun :P

I also like building snow caves.  That takes a while though..

in my neighborhood we have a hill that we sled on. when i was in high school one of my friends called me up and said "hey want to go rolling down the hill?" it is litterally what it sounds like. i had a blast doing that. haha remember to get really bundled up.

i just love taking pictures of my kids out in the snow. i think it looks nice.

I saw actual snow for the first time a few weeks ago. I got to East Carolina University, and they shut campus down for two days. We had a pretty big snowball fight that ended up making national news. It was pretty awesome :)

i snowboard and ski alot because i live in MN and it snows here alot so i do that stuff a ton