Let me introduce myself

Hey , my name is Aaron, ive been a diabetic since age 9. am now 36. repeated blood sugar lows of between 15 to 35. wounds on both legs, and on one foot. and abdominal sellign. and no insurance. ER wont do anythign. am not able to work anymore because of bilateral neuropathy developing. the feeling of thick wool socks on both legs , and incessant pain in both legs. anyhoo my high was around 2600 or so. when my minimed pump quit. my kidneys shut down for 20 hours. oye im a cluster funk

i cant get a doctor to take me seriously. and without insurance only way i can is if i go in on deaths doorstep. however if the kidneyws shut down again,they may not restart. . only thign that works great are my eyes. 20/20 in one, and 20/40 in teh other


p.s heh need motivation . icant get medicaid in TN because im not female with children. i have to move to get help, and im broke lol. oye. anyhoo sorry about the spilling of the guts story here. im glad i found this place. honestly i am

Hi Aaron,


I am sorry to hear all of the battling you have been through! I cannot imagine. I have only been dx with T1 since October of last year @ 29 yrs, so I am new to all of this.. Juvenation is great because you can talk to others, get advice or vent. It seems no one else really understands around me so that's why I like Juvenation, cause everyone understands! I hope that you start to feel better and get some motivation that you are looking for! :)


Check out diabetes.org for more information and also http://findahealthcenter.hrsa.gov/Search_HCC.aspx which will help find a free or reduced cost clinic in your area.

Not sure what your income is, but most hospitals offer financial assistance. They should cover all your basic needs. Insulin, needles, test strips, etc. Also, check your area for clinics based on income. There is a clinic in my area that sees people who don't have insurance. They base the fees on your income. And if you really, truly need help and can't find it, talk to a local church. Most churches will try to help those in need. You definitely should be seeing a doctor though! Your health isn't something to play around with! A regular family doctor or nurse practitioner may not be taking you seriously, so you really need to see a good endocrinologist.

mainly no income. due to neuropathy developing cant hardly work. what i do scrape in i use to eat on. for some reason single white males cant get foodstamps lol. and since my license was medically suspended. ive got no way to get anywhere. around 14 miles to the nearest clinic. well theres the health dept. but theyve no xray machine . theyre kinda limited as to what they can do. foot selled up inside shoe today. standing was not easy. frustrating sometimes. the pain level hs slowly built up over last two years that ive goten used to it.  so its hard to convince a doctor or anyone else that somethign is going on. ive been fluctuating between an 8 and a 9 for last few months