Lets all convince audrey's doc to give her her pump back

Okay so to make a long story semi-short, here's what went down.

I've been on a pump since the age of 13. Just recentely, like april, I got it taken away because I was finally going to treatment for my eating disorder. Kinda doesn't make since because it wasn't diabulimia, it was anorexia. So now I am recovering and doing a pretty darn good job, but I still don't have it back. I didn't mind shots in the summer because I didn't have to mess with the whole bathing suit deal. Well now its getting colder out and I WANT IT BACK! I miss it soo much. I go to the doctor on friday the 9th and I am hoping to convence my doctor to put me back on it. Thing is idk how to convince her. I am checking my blood sugars a lot more often and thats really all I can think of. So, anyone got some ideas? I would greatly appreciate it.


Did your doctor take possession of your pump, or did she just direct you to stop using it?



I still have it at home, under my bed lol. She just told me to use shots. I am on lantus and novolog right now. I have thought about just hooking it up, but that probably wouldn't be smart since I am not a doctor.

Audrey, you definately want your doctor to be in agreement when you start back on your pump.  With diabetes and with your history of eating disorders you need the accountability in taking care of yourself.  Are your parents at all involved in your care still?  or are you completely on your own?  do you have people in your day to day life that will help keep an eye on you?

That's good point Since. Could you suggest to your dr that you'd like to go back on the pump and mention that a particular person in your life, like a parent or whomever, has promised to check in on you to make sure you are bolusing for meals, etc. It would mean knowing you have someone supporting you too if it's someone you trust!

It sounds like you're working very hard to get better! Good luck getting your pump back and keep up the good work!

I hated shots... And I think it's strange that your doc took you off it especially not for diabulemia. I think you should just ask her nicely and tell her you'v gone back to eating and checking blood sugars. I think you should do it

It definitley wasn't diabulimia, thats what kinda ticks me off. If it was, I would see where she was coming from, but it's not. I have experientmented with diabulimia before, what ed patient hasn't? But I just couldn't do it. I ended up in the hospital for it and I knew it wasnt for me. So thats when they took me off the pump, without even talking to me about it. It was more like, "hey audrey, no more pump, your a screw up."

Even if it were diabulimia, it seems like being on a pump would be preferably to shots - at least then you're getting basal. Weird.

Just be honest with your endo. Let her know how much you want to be on the pump and what you'll do to let her know you're taking care of yourself. And keep up the good recovery work!

What is diabulimia?  I've never heard of that term. 

and I hope you are feeling good and will get your pump back!


Diabulimia is an eating disorder that some diabetics suffer from. It's where they feel the need to lose weight, so they stop taking their insulin in order to do so.