Let's have an I hate diabetes party

Lately I have not been good, my numbers are in the 200s from no reason in the evenings when ive changed nothing.  I lost it last night i just broke down and cried cause it felt like there was nothing else i could do.  On facebook my status was, well add me cause its a little profane to repeat here.  It was how I don't like diabetes.  I got almost 15 responses from diabetics and non-diabetics wishing me better days.  I even had an ex-gf send me a message on facebook asking if I was alright and if there was anything she could do.  When I come on this site it is just a reminder to me that there are others out there with my problems and there are even more people who are worse of then me, but everyone has a right to complain now and again.  I suggest we have a party in this thread directed towards hating diabetes in a light-hearted way.  Share something you hate about it, share something about someone who is worse off than you/us.