Let's Make a SPLASH

Alright, guys. This seems pretty simple to me: nothing is going to change if we don't change it. We are the ones living with diabetes, we are the ones that need the cure. It's great if someone out there cares enough, that doesn't deal with this themself, to want to help us. But even if there is someone like that, I strongly doubt there are enough to even begin doing the kind of cures we dream of.

There are 5568 Juvenationers as of right now. We're from all over the heck of the place -- in the Find a Friend group, there are 32 different posts; that means we come from 32 different places. Come on guys, these are some heavy numbers. Let's make a SPLASH in diabetes -- let's stick a needle in IT for a change instead of the other way around!!

I got to thinking tonight. The world can't ignore us and pretend diabetes isn't there, that we don't need a cure or aren't as bad off as we are if there are that many of us. They can't cover their ears and drown us out if we all yell at the same time.

Personally, I was thinking of going to my local newspapers. Get the word out that we want, we DEMAND a cure in our lifetime. Don't we deserve to live a long life without health risks? Don't we deserve to eat without pricks, prods, and pokes just as much as the other guys that don't live with this chronic illness? Don't we deserve a cure??

32 places. 5568 diabetics. Let's yell at the top of our lungs for this cure. Someone somewhere has to listen. Let's seriously get the word out there and get something done -- anyone else with me? That if all of us make an effort all at once -- go to our newspapers, run stories, interviews, flyers, hand-outs, anything and everything.

Somebody has to listen. Let's get this cure, guys. I'm all fired up. Are you with me?


Thats making me think.... Why haven't I done anything before?

As far as "getting the word out" do you mean like a making-the-disease-more-well-known kind of thing or a "advertising"-the-cause-so-we-can-raise-some-money type thing?

Both I suppose, Savs. If they don't know there's diabetes, let's tell them. On another note, in an ideal world people would be sympathetic to one another. One would think that because people are either dying or taking injections to avoid it, we'd drop the money. We'd research just for the sake of LIFE, but unfortunately, this is Earth -- and we aren't ideal. If we want a cure, we have to have the money to buy it, essentially. Do you see what I mean? You bet we have to advertise this. In a nut shell, I don't think there's much of a difference, because both will get us a cure one day.

We're going to advertise the heck out of it; then we'll see where diabetes stands.

Hmm, is donating to JDRF (or any cause) tax deductable?

I wonder if that would be an incentive for people to donate (even if it is a kind of pathetic one)

Btw, Alyssa, I think you would make an amazing advocate for diabetes.

BTW, Savs, thanks :) In my opinion, it kind of goes with diabetes. I've got it, so I advocate for it. In a way, "you want something done, you've got to do it yourself." Meaning I can't expect someone else to plead my case -- I know it (inside, outside, up, down, left, right, diagonal... all angles of diabetes!).

As far as tax deductable (haha) goes, I have no clue -- but I kind of doubt it. Maybe another member can answer that for us? I'm only 15... I don't do taxes :) I'm kind of surprised this post has only snagged you so far, Savs. I was hoping a whole bunch of members would "splash." But I only posted it a few minutes ago, so I'll wait and see.

Come on, guys. We can do this big. (I see you looking, Paul - under the members page?? Come on, you'd be a great asset to this!)

Who knows? If it gets big enough, we could do a group. Keep up with what we're doing, share pics and stories. This could be really good, a final push to get our society to find a CURE.

(yay, Paul ;) I believe that's called window forum shopping)

Okay, so as much as I dislike Miley.... I just saw this on TV and thought the same attitude could be put to this.


That's too funny, Savs, because every time that comes on TV I think the same thing. And in the back of my mind I laugh to myself, thinking 'isn't a cure for diabetes the best way to help our planet?' :)

I'm all for more advocacy and here's something we should all be proud of and excited about:

I would quickly like to make you aware that one of the major advocacy events for Juvenile Diabetes Research is convening right now in Washington, DC.150 Type 1 child delegates (ages 4-17) from all 50 states and Canada are already meeting with legislators in order to present, further and drive home the case for increased government spending for essential Juvenile Diabetes research. During the 3-Day Event (6/22-6/24) celebrity chairperson, Mary Tyler Moore, will lead the delegates through many exciting and memorable activities, including a performance by Nick Jonas, himself a Type 1 diabetic and advocate for Diabetes Research. 

The delegates are indeed hoping for and counting on their in-person appearance to capture the compassionate hearts and minds of their congressmen, senators and the President of the Unite States in order to have Type 1 Diabetes elevated to the top of the list of our nation's essential health priorities.  Some of the delegates will actually have an opportunity to testify about diabetes before congress.  The theme of the 2009 Children's Congress this year is "Promise to Remember Me."

Keep up to date with the minute-by-minute goings on at the Children's Congress by visiting their website: Children's Congress

As an exclusive feature of Juvenation, I am pleased to announce that I, personally, will have the honor of  "interviewing" two of the 2009 Children's Congress Delegates who are also Juvenation members when they return home later this week. They are 14-year-old Alex Riley from California and 10-year-old Trevor Kunci from Ohio.  Thank you to their parents Nancy Riley and Kimberly Kunci for making this possible.

You can view Alex's and Trevor's complete delegate profiles now at:
Alex: ALEX
Trevor: TREVOR

This is going to be very exciting!  Stay tuned!!


Paul Glantzman





I was going to do that this year, but there was a mix up between deadline/time zones. Good luck to Trevor and Alex, however!

(sorry, just being strategic and trying to bump this to the top :))

I think this is a great idea. It does seem like people out in the world forget that there are so many people living with Type 1. They all recognize Type 2 but forget that there is another type out there. Which just happens to be one that people can not prevent or heal. Type 1's are stuck with this until there is a cure found and Type 2 can be healed. So why is it the one that gets recognized all the time? Shouldn't it be the other way around? We deffinetly need to get our voice heard in our areas. Hopefully if enough of us do, then something will be done.


So I was looking into contacting a local radio station. Anyone else up for that? We can put together a general message here on Juvenation that we can just start e-mailing out, and see what responses we get.


Im trying to do a talk at my school next year about how powerful we can be to help out our world.. not to mention a great idea to help like diabetes :) -ally <3

Yea!! I think we should get it on radio stations, news channels, and newspapers. Anything that can get the word out. We should try to make our own group or something on here so we can try to get a lot more people in on it so we can e-mail it, fax it or whatever needs to be done.

I messaged Gina about it... :)

Hey guys, 

I love your enthusiam. There is already an advocacy group where you can post all of your ideas. What are you going to tell the radio stations? and newspapers? What will be on your flyers? 

Sorry Gina, I forgot to check for that :) Anyway, I started a post in the Advocacy group -- we can all pool over there :)

I know my chances are slim; I know this may not get anywhere. In a world of a million diabetics, and then billions of non-diabetics, who's 5,000-some people to make a splash? More likely a ripple, right? Anyhow, it's worth a shot. Anything that may get us even a step closer to a cure is worth a shot.

I think I'm settling on something simple to e-mail to my radio station. I know, I know -- radio stations are difficult, they don't care most likely what I have to say, I have to stand out, etc. But in my opinion, I've got a 50/50 shot which is good enough for me. Basically, I plan to e-mail in; explain what we're doing, and ask for any hand they can land in this. We'll see where we end up.