Lets play a game version 2

 who can guess what i am thinking of?

hint: comes in 2 months

this is so easy! i never realized it was the 25th today!


see? it was way too easy

I am sitting in my classroom in class. It is a normal college classroom, has a chalkboard, a projector/screen combo. So I spy with my little eye something that is grey.

Feel free to ask questions and I will see if you can figure it out. And no it is not a a jackal! "A jackal, a Jackal... It's a jackal." Can someone place that quote too.

Is it the carpet/floor?

No, not at all.


The Jackal quote is from Family Guy...the episode where Peter takes a bad loan and the 'bank' sells their house.

Something you spy that is grey...professor's sport coat

Pat you got the jackal line right. Man do I love Family Guy, and no it is not a sport coat. Or jacket in anyway.

Is it an eraser???

Is it the ceiling?


No, not an eraser and not the ceiling.

your desk :)

Darn, you got it.

Woo Hoo! I'm a winner!

Okay I spy with my little eyes something that is purple :)

Your pump??

Am I that predictable?  Yeah you got it.


from the 60th floor of the hancock tower in boston looking east, i spy something green :P

An empty baseball field for the Boston Red Sox

Or the green monster.