Let's see... Your least favorite school activity?

Mine would be algebra. I liked math untill they switched it with the alphabet! The letters have rendered it useless...

definitely anything involving math, especially geometry. math still makes me want to punch something on occasion.

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definitely anything involving math, especially geometry. math still makes me want to punch something on occasion.


math was a horrible subject for me, i still can't handle math. carb counting has been HELLLLLLL for me cuz of it.

followed by a second language..i dropped french in grade 8 because my teacher advised i didn't continue with it..i would freak out and just refuse to do the work because i didn't understand any of it and i have trouble pronouncing English words as it is..let alone another language!

followed by english, but because i don't like to put "filler" in when i write essays. i used to get in trouble for getting straight to the point instead of drawing it out for 3 paragraphs with filler. i don't bullshit! haha. i also don't spell very well...from being put into learning assistance and having words like "cat" and "dog" as my spelling tests in grade 6!

I'm gonna have to say anything related to physics. I went into school thinking I could do engineering but recently found out otherwise lol.

That and getting up early for class. Ugh.

History!  I guess it's good that I teach math, communication arts, and science to sixth graders!!!

math was great until I got to calculus. I hated differentials.

Physics was phun. Hehe. In college, my hacking / IT security courses were the most fun.

Haha. Angela, I just happen to be switching to history for my studies.

Pat, one of my roommates has similar coursework. He loves it. Almost makes me wish I was good at computer programming lol

Yeah. My friend does web development and I wish I had stuck with stuff like that, but it takes a certain type of creativity. I'm more logical and stuff...so I guess I fit the auditor mold pretty well...minus the whole rugby, cello, boozing thing.

But here's to breaking stereotypes!

mine was spanish...it was def. not fun at all lol...esp whn i had to speak spanish lol

    UH well math because its so boring, even though i'm pretty good at it because i'm a diabetic, and that doesn't mean that i love it....

Haha I freckin love Math my mom was horrible at it and still is but im in 7th grade and im takin 9th grade math!

And mine would totally be History or Industrial Technology!!!!!

I used to really like math, then I got into high school.

Trinomials should be classified as a form of torture. Not. Fun.

My favorite subject is science, though. I got a 101 in the class.

Also, I'm all for breaking stereotypes as well! I'm a smart blonde tomboy! XD

The look the class gave me when I already knew what we we're learning was priceless!

Math. Any kind of math but specifically geometry. Prolly cause that's what i'm in now.

Same here!!!!!!!!! i always ask my mom for help with my literacy/english hw because my teacher is sooo stupidd.......yeah im taking algebra 1 and im in 7th grade!!!

For me its anything involving history or geography

i hate algebra and anything concerning politics :S

Cafeteria Duty......I'm a teacher:)

I hate math and anything to do with English.. But I hate getting up at 6am for 0hr lifting for my gym class because iom an athlete.

When I was in school, I found that I could raise my bg to around 200 for tests and quiz's, your brain operates on glucose fired neurons and it would super charge my brain. Not everyone could do this, only T1's and I was the only one, but I never told anyone about doing this.... And being T1, math was easy but boring to me. Loved chemistry tho... Not trying to talk anyone into doing this, just sharing what I did. lol