Lets share our daily battling experiences

Hi there am ,21 years old diagnosed with t1 since 2018 i am on MDI i have been on range though not perfectly! Here are the experiences i just wanna hear from you…
@how often do you train??? Me 6days a week (7hrs or more) combination of cardio and weights lifting.

@how many times have you been on hospital for DKA?? ME never.

@what exercise do u prefer mostly?? Me push,ups abs training, squats

@your last hbA1c???
Lets share experience please!!!

Hi @Ibrah

Almost 80, diabetes diagnosis on my 16th birthday… Currently use a continuous glucose monitor, an insulin infusion pump configured configure with Control IQ which has helped my stay in-range over 90 % of the last full year - I’m not perfect yet, and eat whatever is served.

  • My exercise is at least 6 days a week, ranging in time from 2+ hours to 8 hours per day depending on what I do. Minimum activity is a 5 or 6 mile walk every morning.
  • One time in hospital with acidosis poisoning, at diagnosis.
  • My “exercise” consists of walking, riding bike, upper-body resistance training, volunteer working on construction [home building and repairs].
  • Latest laboratory HbA1c = 5.4%.
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train? Since lockdown (+10 months) I get in a walk almost every day and I mountain bike the trails near me when there is no ice. (Nice weekends). Haven’t lifted since lockdown. I am less active at work due to travel restrictions. I am very jealous of you guys with the every day for 8 hours stuff. On a good week it would be 4x max 2 hours. Not in my wildest imagination right now though.

I have never been hospitalized for DKA except at diagnosis that was 1979.

exercise: bike, walk, lift, yoga, elliptical. On my job when I am in the field I am very active.

last hbA1c 6.2%.

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Thanks @Dennis for sharing lets keep having perfect and active lifestyle!

Hi @joe if the problem is lockdown cant you do weight lifting at home???

@Ibrah I am Not set up at home I have a gym membership. I’ll go back once vaccinated. I’ve been double-busy at work this whole time.

I have had type 1 for 26 years was hospitalized with dka at diagnosis. After that I never spent more then 3 weeks out of the hospital until I was about 24. I would be hospitalized for 3 days to a week. As a adult I have tried to exercise but it makes my diabetes uncontrollable my body changes on how it will react to exercise from day to day. Last time I went to the gym I was taken to the hospital by perimedics my BG went above 700 and was vomiting a few hours after with only eating a granola bar. I do minimal excessive just stretching no weights or straining. I have developed autonomic neuropathy now I have to watch everything I do and pay attention to my heart and brain along with other things like how long I have been standing. My day to day has got so hard because I gave up as a young adult. I used to wait until they had to pick me up off the ground and take me in for dka. The last time I did this I died twice on the way to the hospital. My A1C is at a 9 not perfect but the Dr says that is the best I will get or we will be fighting lows to much. My story is long and one I hope will influence someone as stubborn as me to never give up I gave up for about 10years. Now I hit a brick wall cant ride in a vehicle for more then a hour them my BG goes haywire and I get sick for days.

Hi @Ibrah,
*I wouldn’t say I train. I’m on my feet all day at work, though, and do a lot of heavy lifting. I easily meet my 14,000 step/150 intensity minute goals 5 days/week.
*I’ve never been hospitalized for DKA.
*I used to horse back ride when I was younger and I miss it a lot. Second favorites would be kayaking and bicycling.
*last HbA1c was 7.5, I think.