Letter to the editor

with all this flu panic going on, the sports organizations have told kids to stop shaking hands with other kids after the game...just thought this was a good letter in reponse to that extreme sense of panic over the H1N1 virus and I agree with what she's saying: http://www.timescolonist.com/opinion/letters/Kids+play+muck+shake+hands/2085280/story.html

not diabetic related, but related to our recent forum threads :)

oh yeah, i heard about that. apparently, some people touch elbows now instead of shaking hands. why not, no matter how bad it will make the person feel, shake their hand then sqeeze out some hand sanitizer?


This is a good read and it is my feeling too on many things. If nothing else we play it safe. I still shake peoples hands. If I get sick I get sick. I think the best line though is the reference to the hand sanitizers as magic. Not for nothing, just as we so much anti-bacterial stuff, we still need to get sick from time to time. I mean, other than being a diabetic I have not had any major illnesses. As a kid my parents would let me get sick and fight it off. It was not their first desire to run and give me medicine. If someone had a cold, we might avoid them a little bit, but if we played with them and got sick. Oh well. But such is life and the world we live in.

Two thumbs up :)