Letting nature do it's thing - a little nervous but excited

After finding out days before I needed them that my birth control prescription has run out, my hubby and I finally discussed when we are going to start a family…and that’s whenever nature decides it’s time - whether that means I am pregnant next month or next year or the year after… Buh-bye birth control patch!

We’ve had talks about babies, how we’d raise them, etc but never made a real decision along the lines of WHEN we’d start our family. It was always “when we have a kid…” “when we start our family…” etc. Of course, there’s never really a perfect time - you’re never going to be as prepared as you hope or try to plan to be.

I’m pretty excited as we’re both ready (him probably a little more than me as I have had less exposure to babies than he has, having been an uncle at 13 and having 6 nieces/nephews!) but I’m also a little nervous.

Any advice? Book recommendations? :slight_smile:

Hi @Natrie,

How exciting! Parenthood has changed my life for the better. Can’t even remember what life was like before my son.

I let nature take its course too. I was never on birth control pills so I didn’t have to wait that out but, I was trying to get a baby range a1c which never happened. I had a very successful pregnancy and healthy baby!

You should read Cheryl Alkon’s book Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes : http://www.amazon.com/Balancing-Pregnancy-Pre-existing-Diabetes-Cheryl/dp/1932603328

also, JDRF has the Diabetes and Pregnancy toolkit download which you can access right here on TypeOneNation! Some people from around the DOC were contributors.

If you are serious you should definitely talk to your endo and diabetes team too. They can help you prepare ahead of time and it will seem less scary when you get pregnant. Don’t read too much out there because a lot of the information I was reading (especially blogs) was making me very anxious.

I am so happy for you and glad you came here for some advice! We haven’t seen you in a while!!

Let me know if you have any other questions about anything pregnancy related!

Talk to you soon!


@Gina–thanks for the props! And @Natrie–good luck with everything. My book covers a lot, but the online forums here and elsewhere are also helpful. Also check out the Facebook page PositiveDiabeticPregnancies (which is also a Yahoo group). And if you’re interested, I sell copies of the book for $18 via Paypal (and autographs are free). Feel free to email me at Lyrehca AT gmail DOT com for more info.

–Cheryl Alkon, author, Balancing Pregnancy With Pre-Existing Diabetes: Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby.

Congrats! And good luck!
I am going about it the opposite way, and following the doctor’s recommendations. Just found out last week that I got my A1c below 7.0 so she gave me the ok. I have to stop my ACE inhibitor (blood pressure medication that protects diabetes complications on my kidneys) and my birth control. We have to make sure my blood pressure doesn’t increase and I don’t get any microalbumin in my urine. I’m not looking forward to it because before I started bc I had very heavy menstruation, pms and GI issues so I’m hoping I get pregnant quickly after stopping. It will basically be letting nature take its course at that point!
Take care,

Thanks @Gina - good to be back :slight_smile: I will definitely check that book out. I didn’t get a chance to talk to my endo yesterday (granted it’s like 20mins with his co-op, 2mins of them relaying the info infront of me to him, then him talking for a few minutes and then dictating into his phone…) but I will be dropping them a line for some help/advice. I got my a1c down to 7.6 so I’m going to work hard to keep it down but like you I don’t think I’ll ever get the “perfect” range; I’ve never been perfect and I’m complication free and otherwise healthy so I’m not too worried but I will be cautious of course :slight_smile:

@maggiejo - thanks! :slight_smile: and good luck with the blood pressure and such! There’s nothing wrong with either direction and I hope everything works out so you can get the go-ahead for a pregnancy! <3


Hit me up on FB I will tell you what my a1c was when I found out I was pregnant. 7.6 isn’t too bad, you don’t really have much further to go. 1 point! Piece of cake! LOLOL No pun intended …


Yay!!! Green light, get to work! haha I hope that everything works out regarding your pressure and GI issues. I am sure it will be all good! Stay positive!!

@maggiejo Major congrats to you for the go ahead - fantastic. I hope it happens fast for you baby dust

@natrie - I am right there with you on the A1C - mine was 7.9% but I’m on my way down:) I’m on the fight I guess I’ll say! I’d like to be below 7.0% my endo told me right around 7.0% would be okay or preferably lower so I’m working on it.