Level of activity: college vs. home

So I have never been an active person and I notice that when I am home from college, like I am currently for spring break, my numbers rise.

At school I do a lot of walking and climbing of steps but at home, unless I'm active with my job or just normal day to day things, I never commonly exercise.

Does anyone else notice this?

Also does anyone have suggestions as to what I could do at home, easily, that could be a substitute for my decrease in activity? I'm not one for going for a run or anything like that. Plus I haven't quite figured out true exercise in with my basal rates and such.



Do you have any exercise equipment like a bike or elliptical machine?  You can do that while reading a book or watching TV so its not so boring.  You could also go for a walk around town, maybe to the park or something and listen to your ipod, that's pretty relaxing. 

I commute to school so I live at home, but I still get the majority of my daily exercise at school walking around campus.  I would say just do whatever you can to move around, even if you have to do jumping jacks or something crazy like that every now and then.  I'm a big fan of running so that's what I do to stay active, but that doesn't seem like your cup of tea (and that was the best analogy I could think of?)

Look on the bright side, it's only a week and you still have another month or so of school to think of activities you can do at home.  Summer will be here before you know it, and that brings a whole mess of activities to do!

Hope that helps some!

yea thanks! I'm thinking this summer I'm going to have to work the Wii Fit into my routine more, cuz I hardly get any exercise at home and I know I really need it!

haha that works!  Do you live near the beach?  That's where I'm at all summer and let me tell you it does wonders