Levemir vs. Lantus

Hi, just wondering if anyone has any opinions on levemir and lantus. I was diagnosed last June and was put on Novorapid and Lantus. I’ve had extreme difficulties with my lantus dose. I’ve tried taking it at bed time, in the morning and in split doses at those same times respectively. Today my doctor decided to try me on Levemir instead as I was experiencing hypos and hypers on the lantus depending on the times I was taking it. I’m starting the levemir dose tomorrow morning taking 8 units and then taking 8 units tomorrow night as well. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience or if anyone just has any thoughts or opinions on the matter!

I’ve been taking one or the other for about 10 years (out of 55 with T1D). My best results (A1c of 6-7) have come with a single dose of Lantus at 10pm. Levemir stops working for me after about 18 hours so I’d spike in the late afternoon/early evening. I discovered a long time ago that I don’t need “perfect” control and that life is much easier if I cut myself a little slack. Work with your doc to keep experimenting until you find something that works well for you. Good luck!

I was on Lantus, then switched to Levemir about 2 years ago. I take it before bed, and when I wake up. It’s not spaced 12 hours apart, but it works for me. How’s it going?

The Levemir seems to be working better than my Lantus was but I’m still trying to find the right dose to take. My nurse suggested increasing the night time injection first and waiting a few days and then if needs be to increase the morning one too. At the minute I’m taking 8 units in the morning and 9 at night (total 17 units). But I’ll more than likely have to increase the morning one too by the looks of my BSL. I took 17 units of Lantus while on that and I’ve heard people often have to increase the dose from what they were on with Lantus when they change to Levemir so I’m not too worried about that!

my daughter switched from lantus to levemir because lantus had an uncomfortable sting to it. so far levemir is working better. the doctor didn’t change the dose when the switch happened. i’m curious about that.

My husband was told that they were just different brands, basically the same medicine. Interesting. Thanks especially to member “hopecooper” because he has always said the lantus stung when it came out of the refridge and asks for me to wait until it’s room temp. before giving it to him.

Our daughter complains of the sting from Lantus even at room temperature. We read somewhere that Lantus isn’t completely pH neutral, so it can do that for some people while Levemir is better in that regard. We haven’t switched yet because we’re looking to move to a pump very soon.