My son just switched to a pump a week ago and no longer takes his daily Levemir shot.  Due to an idiotic moment on my part, I have accumulated 9 Levemir pens that I will most likely not need.  I'll keep a couple on hand (just in case), but I'm wondering if I can find someone who can use the other 7 pens.  I hate to see them go to waste as they are not near their expiration date.  I'm not sure how much it costs to ship something that needs to remain cold, but I'm willing to look into it.  Any thoughts out there?

If I'm not close to getting a pump, I would love to see how much it would cost to ship to Utah. I could pay you for them too. I will have to see though

there are programs for donating new, unopened prescription drugs - check with your local hospital or pharmacy.  pls be careful - I know you want ot help and it's great, but even giving away prescription drugs means you are liable.

Joe, thanks for the caution.  I will definitely take your words of advice into consideration.  Think I got caught up in wanting to help without thinking it all the way through.  I would hate it if the shipment wasn't handled correctly or something, and the insulin didn't arrive intact.

Sorry everyone.  I think I will look into something local (free clinics, pharmacies, etc).