Libre BGM

Awful time catching the sensor on doorways, car seat, and garden gage. I caught my sensor on doorway then did it again and now again ! I did get a replacement for the first one, then did it again! Im so upset! Will they work on making this easier not to catch it? They’re going to think Im nuts! Cant we put the sensor on another location/body part?

Where are you placing your sensor and are you placing an adhesive patch over it

Hi Suzanne @Slp1ofakind and Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! We are happy to see you here and posting a new topic.

I can feel your frustration while you try to add this tool to assist you in managing your diabetes. You may be able to minimize the probability of knocking off your sensor by trying a little different placement. I picture your sensor on the outside of your upper arm - a very vulnerable placement. Abbott and the agent with whom I met recommend that the sensor be placed on the back side of the upper arm - slightly less vulnerable position.

I don’t use the Libre but over the years I’ve used both my arms for pump infusion sites and also use a Dexcom CGM - when I’m being active, such as gym workouts and getting busy in construction jobs and out in the woods, I put a length of “tube bandaging” over the stuff stuck in my arm. I’ve also used an old compression sock [with foot section cut off] to encase my arm and keep tubing from getting caught.

The very first time I wore a Libre I caught my bra strap on it while changing into my pj’s and tore it right off only 3 days in to its lifespan. I found though, in the summer at least, that the Libre adhesive only lasts 2-4 days anyway and almost never stays on the for the full 10-14 day cycle without help. I use Simpatch bandages ( to cover my libre sensors now. They also have a limited lifecycle (maybe 4 days), but can be removed and replaced (without pulling out the sensor as long as you’re careful). I can’t remember when I last lost a sensor early. Probably last summer. There are other bandage brands, too. I tried Grifgrips recently, but I think the Simpatch ones are easier to put on and the Grifgrip bandage only lasted 2 days.

It takes some getting used to, too. Being aware of this thing stuck to your arm and that you need to give yourself more space now. I wore a demo omnipod on my arm last week and did the same thing. Got it stuck in my tank top and tore it off on day 2 (of 3).

The back side of the arm is definitely less likely to get stuck on stuff, but that’s also where I have the hardest time getting the adhesive to last. And where I’m most likely to have a bad skin reaction to the adhesive. Not totally sure why. I think because the skin is softer and more sensitive there.

As for different parts of your body, we’re not supposed to wear them anywhere other than the arm, but I know that many people do. If you decide to try it, just be aware that if anything goes wrong Abbott’s going to tell you it was your fault for not using it as instructed.

I swear those damn door ways attract these things. Im glad to hear im not the only person that seems to be attracted to them…

Abbott told me not to cover it with anything that it may not work (read) correct. Ive been surveying all sorts of people bumping into doorways. It’s pretty common.

When I was using the libre I used a simpatch to cover mine. It didn’t interfere with the readings and it helped it stay on

Thank you. I ordered them. You said, “When you were using the libre”. What are you using now?

Hi Dennis, thanks for the advice. I did put this sensor on the back side of my upper arm. Im flabby there and I feel like its loose but isn’t. It does catch on my cars back rest of the seat in this area, but thats about it. I did order the patches everyone is posting about and I like your idea of putting some sort of sleeve on it. When I recently talked with a rep from Abbot/Libre; he told me not to cover it with anything because I could get misguided readings, but Im going to try it. The good thing is that they have been replacing the ones Ive knocked off. Thanks again for your advice,sure do appreciate it.

So you no longer use the Libre BGM? Why, and What are you using now?

I moved over to dexcom because of my insurance

So, do you like the dexcon better?

The dexcom does offer features the libre doesn’t but I do miss being able to look back at my numbers. The dexcom makes everything into a graph so you don’t see the exact number

I had the same issue and even though it’s not recommended I wear it on my lovehandle. I wear a patch over it so my pants won’t catch it. I compared my readings with a finger stick and they have been as accurate as they are on my arm. Worth a shot! I apply mastisol on my arm before I apply my sensor also and it seems to make it stick longer. I’ll get a full 14 days when I use mastisol and a patch.