Libre error message

I put on a new sensor and a few hours later when I was checking got multiple errors then a "try again in seven hours " message I’ve only been using libre for a few months and this is the first time I’ve seen this error is it nor

Hi @KBOOKMYER. I hope your system reset and is working now. If not there should be a customer service number in the package - hopefully they will provide a replacement.

Hi @KBOOKMYER! I have had error messages with the Libre several times. Most of them were for a duration of 10 minutes. The last one ended up being over four hours. I called the Abbot phone number and they sent a replacement. You will have to answer a few questions, and they may ask you to send the sensor to them for testing (postage paid). The Abbott phone number is 1-855-632-8658.

It started back up so hopefully its good for the remainder of its life. I’ve had to get three replacements for 8 sensors. One failed early, one just had really low readings then stopped, and one came off my arm within hours of starting it. So far they have been exceptionally good about send replacements I’ve shipped two back although I’ve never heard what they found and I did the whole registration thing

@KBOOKMYER I’m glad the sensor is up and running! I have found Abbott to be great about replacing sensors, also. I’m glad I am not the only one calling for replacements. I am beginning to feel really bad about calling.

You have probably done this, but I would recommend a couple of bs checks with your blood glucose meter. When my sensor came back on after a 4 hour error, it was 70 points off from my blood glucose meter. Abbott told me to take it off immediately and they sent me a new one.