Libre supplier

I have the worst time when refills are ready. Its the supplier. How can I find the best supplier who actually knows what they are doing? I always get a runaround, from wrong co pay to wrong Dr to not sur they have information. Ugh! Im ready to just give up!

I’ve used Edgepark for my pump and CGM supplies for years and they’re excellent.
I’ve used the Libre a few times and got them from my local pharmacy. There was a supplier issue at one point and my pharmacy had them on back order so they suggested I try other local ones, but they didn’t have them either. One pharmacist said pharmacies near each other probably use the same supplier, and when I tried a pharmacy further away, they had them.
It might not be convenient but may be worth a shot. Same pharmacy, different location, so my records were in the system and they didn’t have to start from scratch.

Hard to tell if this will be helpful no knowing where you’re located or what kind of insurance you have, but when I started using Libre the person I spoke with at my insurance company was all kinds of confused and had no idea how to fill a prescription (she told me it would be covered as a durable medical device, but it’s not). So then I called a rep from Abbott that my diabetes educator told me about and that rep told me to use CVS pharmacy (specifically CVS, not just any pharmacy; she said they’re good about keeping it in stock) and I’ve never had a problem.

I agree with bsteingard. I get mine by mail order through
CVS CareMark, and I have never had a problem with them.

I use CVS for Libre and never had an issue, filled in three different states while traveling, they always find coupons and now are in many Target stores, but I pay cash, less then 70 for two is Abbott diabetes guarantee. Pump supplier is Byram and once established has easy reorder via website.