Life insurance help

Curious has anyone successfully obtained life insurance with type 1? I was just denied through my financial advisors firm, but am extremely frustrated because my labs are pristine. My a1c is 5.6, healthy weight, excellent in terms of cholesterol, liver and kidney function etc. but was still denied coverage. I’m not sure if I was denied because I’m type 1 only or if it’s because in addition to type 1 I have afib so my likelihood of having a stroke is more elevated than the general public. Was curious if anyone has had any success obtaining any not through work. I do have a plan through my job but if I ever lose it I’ll be without. Thanks in advance for any help!

No. Just through work. I left the one job (it was a big company) and converted my group policy life insurance to a “whole life” plan that I just kept. It was easy actually. The option might be available to you. I guess it depends on who underwrites the work policy. That option wasn’t available when I left job number 2.

Taylor @Tee25, I have plenty of life insurance, converted from employer insurance plans, which I hold as fully paid-up coverage. Similar to what @Joe said, when leaving employment, you have the opportunity to convert coverages from group to individual and pay standard rates for your then current age. Right now, beside me on my desk is the annual notice telling me the new balance, after dividends added, to a policy I converted when I was laid off from an insurance company during the depression of 1975. On that termination, I also converted to a family plan the medical/hospital insurance which took care of my family for the 10 years of self-employment - standard rates, full coverage.

My general plan was to take whatever group coverage I could when working and then convert amounts I could afford; when I retired at age 70, I didn’t bother converting any additional amounts. There is law in all states making group to individual available, and also federal COBRA guaranty.

Okay awesome! I’ll definitely check into that- good to know that’s an option!

I have a private pay plan, not thru employer. Grange is the company…no issues getting covered. Hope you have success!