Life insurance

Does anyone out there know of any companies that will sell life insurance to a person with diabetes?  I was denied a few years ago and thought I'd try again, since I now have two young daughters.  I've recently read that some insurance companies are offering it to those with low A1cs.  Before I go out and possibly receive many denials, I thought maybe someone out there has had success.  Please let me know of any possibilities.

I had great luck with Northwestern Mutual. They are in Milwaukee Wisconsin but nationwide as well. I was T1 for about 24 years when i got my policy. I do pay a slightly higher premium than my husband but its worth it to me. I had to send several years worth of info from my Endo, but had no issues at all getting approved. good luck!

Thanks for the information about Northwestern Mutual.  I will surely check them out!

Some states like NJ and NY and MA MUST insure all people in that state - it may depend on where you live.

I got insured through Met Life. It was with a group plan (teachers union) but it is expensive. No questions asked, does not really mean no questions asked!