Life Plan

Hi guys, I'm only 17 (yeah I know wrong place) but my dad wants me to plan out my Diabetic life (I've had it for 12 years now) and like a loving farther he wants me to reman strong and go far but, I really don't know how, any advice? what got you where you are? what do you avoid? did you even plan for your diabetic life?

found out at 13, before my body began to mature at all, still a boy on the outside. Diabetes delayed my body from maturing until I turned 21, then in a 3 week spurt, I went from 123lbs to 185lbs and I was working out, riding a bicycle for 8 to 10 miles a day and working at NASA in Houston.  I have had this disease for 42 years now and I wake up each day willing to battle the ill effects that can be near at all times.  Learn to understand how to work your body with exercise and your mind with information to grow into someone you want to be, and something you want to do with your life. Sounds like a cake walk ?  No, far from it, but know this, I have to contain my diabetes everyday, every hour, every year I am alive, and well the only other choice is shorter and not productive for those who care for you, and those you care for. Really comes to one choice, and  YES everyone that has diabetes handles it differently, but try to remember you can stand out as an example for others to follow, or you can follow others through a path you may regret. Make choices for your health and mental status first, everything else has to be second. You are in a long line of others who have struggled with this monster and win daily. Be one that leads, be one that knows what needs doing, be one unstoppable to this condition/disease, when you master the path, you become the valid point of carrying on to those younger than you, who will ask these same questions.

I posted this in another chat, but it seems fitting that I repost it here for you. Good Luck.

It is fitting, thanks jeff

Do you have a "regular" life plan... like where do you want to be in 5 yrs, 10 yrs, 20 yrs... Having Diabetes should not have to have its own plan.  I have been a T1 D for 34 yrs.  And I was Dx'd when I was 6.  My plans , granted, did end up changing due to poor decisions I made as a diabetic, but that was my fault, not diabetes.  Are you planning on going to college, get a job, get married, have kids someday?  Do you want to be a doctor, Lawyer, engineer, trash collector or the President?  I think that is what your dad is looking for.  There isn't anything that you cant do even with diabetes ( ok.. well yes... there is... You cant drive a 20 passenger Hummer Limosine.. due to needing a class d license and insullin dependant diabetics cant get one of those.. trust me, I found out!!  long story)   But other than that... you can do anything you want to.  Look at all of those athletes, politicians, actors, singers, and just everyday average Joes that have it and you probably dont even know about it.

I have done alot of things in my life.. I am a therapist, I have been a Limo driver, the cable guy, a teacher (substitute) and a CNA (certified Nurses Assistant) social worker, wedding planner, nanny... and now at 40... I am applying to law school!! (geesh... crazy I know )  But I guess what I am trying to say.. the long way... is do whatever you want to do and dont let anyone or anything stop you!!!! Certainly not having diabetes!!!!  What are your friends doing?  what are their Life plans?  If you are looking for some more ideas and are on Facebook... there is a page called T1 Hangout.  it is basically for teens and young adults that are maybe going through the same questions.  Hope it helps... and GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Nicely put,  Jeff!!

wow, umm I guess I never though it to be so similar to the average life plan, thanks a lot guys. it's nice to know I have a helping plan. :)

I have to say that I never had a "diabetic life plan". I had a life plan (I was dxd at age 2) and diabetes never interfered with what I wanted to do with my life. In addition to the life plan you have to work at keeping yourself educated and taking control of your diabetes. But I basically feel the "regular life plan" is just as important. Diabetes will be part of your life, but it doesn't have to be the core. Set your goals high and go for them. Just don't forget to take care of yourself along the way.