Life with a cure?

So I am pretty new to this juvination site, and love in it I might add. So I was reading some of the older forums. One that caught my eye was " how has diabetes improved your life?" Lots of good stuff in there. I was wondering when the cure comes along, What will you do as your first "D" free day? Has anyone thought about it? For us, if E is still small it will for sure be a sleepover at a friends house. Then some cake and ice cream to celebrate, and maybe a snickers bar, too. :) Maybe we will celebrate first.  So tell me what do you think you will do or do for your child?

I see this one has been posted (kind of). Sorry! I did enjoy the answers in the other post. If anyone missed it or has new thing to add feel free.

I'd join the air force.  Not because I have always wanted to, but just because they tell me that I can't now.  I agree with their recommendation (sort of), but I'd feel great walking in there with a nametag that says "Hi my name is Matt, I am a post-diabetic".

"I will now fly the jets, thank you."

this probably sounds weird but i would have cake or cookies. i think it was be cool to eat something extremely sugary and not have to give insulin. hahahaha i would love it(:

Here's what I would do: a bloodtest. Then I'd cry probably, because I've been working so hard to recalim my diabetic identity. I might not know what to do with myself once there finally is a cure, because Diabetes in the present time gives me the motivation I'd always thought I lacked. In that way, I suppose its a crutch because what would motivate me if not for my diabetes? I have never had to ask that question... While pondering the answer, though, I would spend my time as a photographer living off the land as best I could in Tanzania, Kenya... somewhere exotic... and preferably without electricity or cell phone service.

I found it liberating the other day to condense two diabetes care drawers into one and throw out all the unused stuff.  I can only imagine how AWESOME it would be to clear out the rest of the cupboards and drawers of ALL the diabetes supplies.  Reclaim that butter storage area for butter instead of insulin in the fridge.   Kiss my daughter goodnight, and actually not see her again until morning.

I'd help the crew managing this site change it to be for people who USED to live with type 1.  ;-)

I don't think I'd do anything special, I'd just really revel in the fact that I don't have to do anything anymore.  Imagine....


Burn my diabetic supplies! Post-Diabetes Bonfire!!!

Just kidding ;) But I would be ecstatic, and on a serious more note, would probably jump around and tell every single person I came across "Hey! I had diabetes! They cured me!"


I was diagnosed on my 11th birthday and what broke my heart and made me cry was that I could never be free and have adventures like Tom Sawyer.

So honestly I'd hook up with two friends and  build a raft to travel down the Ohio river.

Just one "D" free day? If it is just one day...I wouldn't want would be torture to experience 'normalcy' again for one day, only to wake up the next morning and have it be gone.

If they found a cure? Oh boy, I don't know...first things first, I would rip off my pump, throw all my supplies away(minus a meter and some test strips...just to be on the safe side hehe), and would probably go out and celebrate with my family(which would include a big meal, I am sure....).