Life with Type 1

Whenever I get on my pity pot about having had Type 1 diabetes for so long, I remember the words of my heroes and friends both here and elsewhere. Lou Gehrig in his farewel speech at Yankees stadium said  "today I consider myself to be the luckiest man on the face of the planet", this was coming from a man who was soon to loose his life to the terrible disease "arterial lateral sclerosis" or ALS. Gary Cooper, "their ain't never been a horse that couldn't be rode and their ain't never been a rider who couldn't be thrown". Whenever I think I have my type 1 under control something throws me for a loop, Gary Cooper understood that life alway's takes twists and turns and we alway's have to be humble. I once asked a friend of mine "Sean O'Rawe" why me?, concerning haven gotten Type 1, and Sean's reply was "why not you?".Sean put things into perspective for me and he humbled me at the same time, "thank you Sean"

Oops! I got the great Lou Gehrig's quote wrong. it should be, "Today I consider myself to be the luckiest man on the face of the Earth" not planet. I am typical Boston Red Sox fan, "alway's misquoting a Yankee" sigh. I am going to watch the great movie "The Pride of the Yankees" again tonight with Gary Cooper as Lou Gehrig. this movie is a "must watch', especially for anyone who has a terrible disease such as us Type 1's.

Here is the box to this great movie, I highly recommend it.