hey guys iv come to the conclusion that im going to embrace diabetes rather than treat it like a disease. I know this sounds weird but all my life it was like my broken leg my anti Christ if you will now im treating it like my cast, cain, my savior. Why cuz im sick of people look at me funny im sick of being treated like a second class citizen and you know what i have a long life ahead of me i can let people get me down and tell me what i can or cant do. I have come to this conclusion all thanks the my friends on juvenation, you guys are great i can talk to you about anything, your always supportive and you give me constructive criticizes  when i need it and i owe you so so very much.

Sounds like a great idea Fred! I bet you feel better in no time. Worry about yourself not what other people think. You are already on the road to success and happiness. Keep it up!!

thanks i figure that no one can tell me what my destiny is and the road of life takes a lot of twist and turn and diabetes is jst one thing that fuels me in being the best person i can be 


I'm so glad that you are finally seeing diabetes in a new way! It's so sad to see people going through a sad time, especially because of an illness you can't control. You just have to realize that  what you have is unfortunetly untreatable for now, and that you just have to make the best of everything. People that try to tell you what you can or can't do or make you feel less worthy are seriously not worth your time! Just enjoy life and remember that you are not alone in this, ever. There will always be people there to care for you if and when you need it.

That's wonderful Fred! I've embraced my diabetes for almost all my life. I feel that I'm healthier than if I had never been a diabetic. Taking very good of ourselves is necessary to live long lives. I might not have done that if I did not have diabetes. I am 71, and have had D for 65 years. We can all accomplish so much if we give it our best.

Thanks guy ya i was at the gym when i realized this i was benching and a guy who gave me so much carp in high school could barley bench 180 lbs and i was benching 320lbs and he told me i could never do it so i feel like i can conquered the world and solve world hunger  thanks you guys 

I hope he saw you do that! I was an athlete in high school. I loved quietly beating the trash talkers. 

oh he saw it then he got this discussed look on his face and left he played linebacker and i was a safety trust me i was laughing in side i loved the feeling that im becomeing stronger than everyone on my team life is good 

( ???) YA!!!!

You should feel super good about what your doing and getting better and better at what you set your mind to!