y is life so hard sumtimes i mean y do ppl always hav to yell and get mad at everythin?

it's life. just go through it with a smile on your face. we are only human, yeah i know no excuse is best, but it's true. :D

life does not have to be hard just pray or do something to take your mind off of things that are giving you stress. can make it fun by laughing at everything. That is mostly how i get by. one of my favorite phrases: I'm not depressed, I've just accepted the fact that life sucks. Hurrah. Also pessimism is great. see..if your optimistic you'll always be let down. but if your pessimistic you will usually exceed your expectationed.


some people just have short tempers or might be having a bad day. things always get better and if someone says something they regret, they'll apologize (hopefully).

similar to the suggestion to laugh at everything, i use sarcasm and cynicism to get by if i'm having a tough time or if people are upset. it's a good way to get people to laugh as long as you aren't using it maliciously at something they said or did...but if it's your friends then it's totally acceptable, i'm speaking about more of a work-friendly environment haha.

i hear you there.. life is so confusing and hard sometimes.. a lot of the time i just want to give up and quit! :(