I checked with my insurance company and was told our plan covers all products by Lifescan for meters and pumps. Could not find a Lifescan meter but looks LIke lifescan is part of Johnson and Johnson and the pump is the ping. Still waiting on someone to call me to verify. Can anyone here tell me if that is true. I also saw Aramis or something as company or brand.

My son was wanting the Omni pod but it looks like that is out - if Lifescan make the Ping can someone who has the Ping tell me how they like it - and dislikes it. Ease of use etc?

Hey Keith - you are on the right track.  -  JNJ makes them.   I am using the MiniMed someone else can help you there.  I have looked into it though - keeping options open and I do like the features.  Good luck

LifeScan makes the OneTouch meters, and is indeed a Johnson&Johnson Company. Johnson&Johnson makes the Ping meter under their insulin pump company Animas.


I have the Ping, so I use the Animas Pump with a OneTouch UltraSmart meter that is a wireless remote for the meter.

I was already using the OneTouch UltraSmart..part of the reason I went with the Ping was because the meter is comes with is excatly the same only it has the wireless chip in it! I'm liking it, the pump isn't AS bad as I always though(I've been anti-pump since I was first suggested trying it years ago).

I don't use the remote much, but when I do, it's great to have the option.

The size isn't too bad, and I just have it clipped to my belt anyways(tuck the tubing under my belt, and i've got a thigh-thing and leg-thigh to use if i want as well).

It's really easy to mom is not good with new technology, but even she understands how it works for the most part.

Like Batts said, the ping is great! I could never go back to my lifestyle on needles everyday. There are things that really suck about it like yesterday when I had a BG of 314 and my site wasn't leaking and I could feel the insulin when I bolused. There are just some things that like my pump trainer would say "are just a part of pumping".

I have been on the pump for a little over a year at this point. I am really glad to have switched from my NPH injections and humalog. Life has been so much easier with the pump. My crazy school schedule can be balanced out with a pump and it truly has not made any major differences with my extra curricular activites and sports that I played in. I wish I had switched over years ago.