Like an Idiot

So last night i went to my truck barefoot to grab a cd. My apt door is on the side of the house. So i have a little hill to go up to get to my truck. Well i got my cd and came back down the hill to my door and i stepped in a hole in the grass in which i kinda slammed my foot forward and ended up using my little toe as a balance which didnt work and i fell. its kinda of hard to explain what im talking about.

My little toe rolled under my foot so to speak. I didnt break it. But i did sprain it pretty bad. I know you have to be careful with foot injuries and such. There was no bruising last night. but this morning i can see slight bruising. i can move the toe so thats not an issue but it hurts a bit.

Am i ok to ride this one out and just tend to the injury and keep an eye on it? or is bruising on the toe a cause for alarm with diabetes and circulation. ?

i've "hairline" fractued one of my baby toes so much(i did it..then re-fractured it during the healing process 5 times!) that it's pretty much gonna stay a little bit more swollen than the other toe.

if its just brusing, i dont think its anything you need to see the doc about. just tape it to another toe but not too tight and just maybe be a little more careful walking around to make sure you don't hit it again or something. you probably did nothing more than bruise it so its sore. if it gets worse, the pain or the bruise..then i'd probbaly skip over to teh doctors just in case.

Thanks for the advice. Im usually really cautious and always wear my steel toe work boots. but i was too lazy to throw something on and tis what i got in return. in my 7 years of being a diabetic ive never gotten a foot injury. so this is a first for me. i just want to make sure that im not in the danger zone of stupidity.

thanks again Batts.

Honestly... you will heal like a "normal" person if you keep your blood sugar in check.  Being a professional water skier for many years, my job required me to be barefoot constantly and even sprint on cement barefoot to get from one act to another.  I always had cuts, scrapes and bruises on my feet... I think you will be fine.  Just look at it everyday to make sure it is getting better and not worse.