Link Between Insulin and Gas?

My daughter was diagnosed 5/2006.  She is now 11 and her doctors feel her honeymoon ended and they bumped her basil rates up as well as her bolus.  In the past few months when she either takes a higher dose of insulin to cover higher carb meals or she she does 4 unit or higher correction she gets lots of gas.    It is to the point she holds back on insulin to try and control the gas.   Her doctor looked at us like we were crazy when we discussed it at her last appointment.  

Anyone else noticed this?  Any idea's?  We have bean-o, gas-x but it has not helped.  This is something she would just about die if I brough up in our support group.   I am hoping it is just her body adjusting but wondering if anyone else has encountered this. 

Are you sure that it's not a higher fiber diet that she is on? I don't know about you but my daughter eats higher fiber carbs since she can get "more bang for the buck". (Less simple sugar and more complex carbs). And boy she puts her 5 brothers to shame sometimes. LOL