Link between ITP and T1D?

My son, now 4, is NOT currently dx as diabetic. I just had him screened through trialnet and am going INSANE with worry. I have type 1, as did my mom. My brother does not. My husband’s family doesn’t have any autoimmune issues as far back as we can tell. When my son was 1 he was dx with ITP (body attacks platelets) and thankfully it was determined to be acute and we have not had an issue since. Drs told me there was no link to diabetes despite the autoimmune response. That there are many things that are an autoimmune response that aren’t disease. So I accepted that and moved on. Now that I am obsessing over my son’s screening, I am thinking back to ITP and wondering if anyone here has experienced a link. I’ve googled and found some things that seem like they could be a link but it seems if you google anything, you can see a paper on a possible link. What I’m reading is more diabetes first and then ITP or that they happen concurrently. It’s been 3 years since my son had ITP. I do feel like it’s hard to shake the thought both are autoimmune even though ITP wasn’t a chronic issue. We think it could have been set off my the MMR vaccine he got at 1. So yea, anyone know anything about a link or similar autoantibodies that would be present in both?

Hello @Type1century and welcome to TypeOneNation and the forum.

There are no direct links between diabetes and anything. There just aren’t any. If you poll the community, you will find a vast majority say “no one on my family has T1” after that the next grouping is a parent or sibling.

For me- no family history and my illness was just after a cold and a sunburn. I’ve been treating my T1 successfully for over 40 years and the only other autoimmune issue is hypothyroid, which I treat with synthroid.

I get it by the way, looking for links and clues because we do not want anything to happen to our kids. I had an almost desperate anxiety over if my son would be diagnosed (he’s not, currently). The results of all the worry is an upset stomach and zero additional information. I figure if he does end up with diabetes I will be there as a guide for the rough terrain of this journey, and it’s likely no one else would understand more or would be better prepared . Also if I can’t prevent it I will put my back against his and we’ll get through it together.

I hope you either find peace with the uncertainty of this, or the motivation to engage in medical research or fundraising to get behind medical research. Doing one of these will be a big help for your own well-being. Cheers and good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Thanks for your reply. It’s tough, because for me, it seems obvious there is some autoimmune/genetic link in my family. My mom was (passed away) type 1 as am I. She also had multiple autoimmune diseases other than type 1. I know the odds are in our favor statistically that my son will not be diabetic. But the fact that he also had an autoimmune response in his body at one point makes me wonder if that makes it more likely. Just curious anecdotally if type 1 and ITP are a known combo anyone has experienced.

@Type1century Hello Dana, and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! I hope that you will find useful information on this Forum, offered for the most part by people affected by diabetes who are not medical professionals.

I reaffirm what @Joe said about heredity of TypeOne and its relationship to other autoimmune conditions. Statistically, less than 10% of those diagnosed with T1D have a first degree relative who also has TypeOne, and although many people do have other autoimmune conditions to go along with their diabetes.

Monogenic Diabetes is a heredity conditions and is acquired through the passing of a certain altered gene from parent to child. Many skilled physicians often misdiagnose Monogenic as TypeOne because of similar test results and anti-bodies.

I understand what you’re saying about low odds that type 1 is passed down. I always say I won the reverse lottery since my mom was also type 1 but had me after the age of 25 and was dx after the age of 11. She was diagnosed at 25 and I was diagnosed at 9. I have, what I believe to be, classic type 1 with no MODY characteristic. She was dx as type 1 and I always assumed that was the correct diagnosis. My original question was about type 1 and other autoimmune diseases. Odds are still in our favor that my son won’t get type 1 (or have the markers via trialnet which is what I’m really anxious about) but are odds increased since he did already exhibit an autoimmune response (acute ITP)?

In my opinion @Type1century some autoimmune disease are highly related with instance of T1, for example hypothyroidism, others have less data. So I also checked with NIH there is some research on MAS or multiple autoimmune syndrome, you can see it in this link

I would only observe that there is no guess on odds these MAS seem rare. I can only hope this is just information and doesn’t make your anxiety worse. A doctors intuition can be very helpful in determining how rare and what risks are worth watching.

Well, thanks! I’m just an anxious worried mama. Hoping trialnet results come sooner than 4-6 weeks.