Has anyone taken lisinopril and is it worth taking ,my Dr put me on this yesterday,said it well help protect my kidneys even thou my kidneys are fine,i don't like taking something when theres not a problem

if anyone has any input on this please let me know.

Thanks Ralph Montigny 


Assuming Lisinopril is an "ace inhibitor", I strongly recommend it.  I have been taking Accupril for about 15 years....I've had Type 1 diabetes for 36 years.  My doctor prescribed it years ago because all indications are that these ace inhibitors are extremely effective in preserving your kidneys.  I once asked my endocrinologist, who's practiced endocrinology for 35+ years what he believes is the most life-saving therapy ever developed for people with diabetes (other than insulin), and he said, "ace inhibitors" which, when diagnosed early enough, can extend your kidneys, and thus your life, for a very long time.  So, I say, take it!  It's well worth it.

Carl D. Marks

Thanks Carl

Will give em shot !

Ralph montigny

I have been on Lisinopril for probably 8 years at least now. I have been T1 for 30 and no issues or problems yet with my kidneys or anything else.  I did some looking in to it and thought for the benefits it is worth it to take it. It is very inexpensive and if it keeps me healthy for another 30 years than it is worth it.

I tried to take Lisinopril (for kidney protection) but developed a bad cough while taking it.  It got so bad I couldn't get anything done at work or home.  My doctor took me off of it and put me on Diovan, an ARB (it's not an ace inhibitor, it's a blocker), and I did not tolerate it either.  I had headaches, my blood pressure was extremely low and i almost fainted a few times.  My body is pretty sensitive to medication, so right now I am not on one.  Luckily my kidneys tested normal in June, but there is always a concern for people with diabetes!

Ralph,  I take Lotensin for the same reason.  I have been T1 for 34 years and have been blessed with no complications yet.  I have been on Lotensin for 14 years.



I have had T1 for 37 years and never been on an ACE inhibitor. It is obviously a personal choice what to do. I have asked about it but my endo said when I asked about it that if you do not have signs of kidney damage after 30 years that your sky is most likely clear. Check the side effects and do some more research. I am not anti the idea and it is good to have this discussion to hear everyone's experience. Preventative is always better!

Hi Paul - I had a similar reaction to lisinopril and couldn't tolerate it.  I'm very sensitive to most medications too.  They switched me to Cozaar (generic name is Losartan Postassium) because they said far fewer people have the cough from it.  Been taking it for about a year with no cough.  I don't have kidney problems, but they talked me into this one because of it's supposed protective benefits.  My opthalmalogist said there is some evidence that it also slows down retinopathy which I do have a bit of.  Anyway - you might want to ask about trying Cozaar if you want to be on a blood pressure med but can't tolerate lisinopril.

Lisinopril is an ACE inhibitor that is widely-prescribed to help preserve kidney function in individuals with longstanding diabetes.  The reason this particular drug is chosen is because it's available as a low-cost generic, and only has to be taken once daily (other generic ACE inhibitors must be taken several times daily).  Some patients do have adverse effects; a persistent, dry cough is the most common adverse event.  There are other ACE inhibitors in the same drug class, but they may not be available as a low-cost generic.

Very interesting how some people had a bad reaction to lisinopril!  I've been taking lisinopril for about 5-6 years now and no side effects.  The pill is really small so I just take it every night along with a statin.  Although my cholesterol is fine, taking a statin has lowered my LDLs even more.  So I'd say give the lisinopril a shot at least!

I have been Type 1 - 28 years.  I was taking Cozaar until my copay went to $50 a month.  I then tried Lisinpril and it caused a terrible dry cough.  My dr gave me Benicar which I have not tried, I am still coughing from the Lisinpril which turned into a flu cough.  Anyways I am hesitant to start the Benicar until the cough clears up but I will try it and hopefully I will do fine with it.  I also don't have any complications from the many years that I have had diabetes.  Woohoo!!