List of Insurance Policies?

Hello everyone!

It seems like I saw a link to a list of insurance companies that cover the pump, and their basic policies... but now I can't find it.  Does anyone have that link?  (And if you happen to know of a similar list for CGMS, that would rock!)

Our insurance may change soon, and I'd like to find out the policy of the new company (Aetna, in Oklahoma).



OK, I found Aetna's policy, and now I'm wondering about this statement:

Some external insulin infusion pumps (e.g., Paradigm Real-Time Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring System) are able to take results of the blood glucose reading, calculate the appropriate insulin infusion rate, wirelessly transmit the results from the blood glucose monitor to the pump, and automatically adjust the insulin infusion rate, saving the member some extra steps. These insulin pump features, when present, are considered integral to the external insulin infusion pump and blood glucose monitor.

Does that mean they would automatically cover the CGMS stuff if I chose the Paradigm?!

I'm wondering if they'll cover CGM's when they are part of the pump but not seperate?

It's annoying, but I always find I have to call the insurance company directly for the information. The website info always seems purposefully vague. Also, the pump/CGM companies can be very helpful if you get in touch w/ their local sales rep. The local rep is usually familiar w/ the diff local insurance policies. Your endo can give you contact info, or you can call the main number of the company and ask for contact info.