Location, Location, Location

I have been consistent in putting my Dexcom 7plus sensor in my abdomen, but I now want find a less visible location.  I have been reading on the blog about the arm, the leg, the butt, but no one has explained to me the things I need to watch out for.  Please give me a few tips, like best location on the leg that is not noticeable  when wearing clothes or when sleeping, etc.  Also, best location on the butt that is not always felt or sat on.

I also am intrigued by reading about individuals that are able to use their sensors for longer than the prescribed 7 days.  Do I simply "Stop Sensor" than restart it with the same sensor as if it is a new one?  I thought there was a means for the meter to recognize a sensor that was used and would not allow it to be used again, am I misinformed???

I appreciated the advice from those of you that have been using the Dexcom 7plus for a while now.  It is a great piece of technology!


Hi Gary - I have so far only used the front of my abdomen, my lower back, and my hips.  The lower back is my favorite place so far (right where your love handles are/would be), as it tends to be less in the way for me there, and I don't bump it as much.  There really isn't much to "watch out for" for this spot, except that you want to make sure the placement works for you when you sit down.  You can put a couple of fingers against your back, where you plan to put the sensor, and then sit down... and see how that feels.  You'll get used to it being there, though - I haven't ever had to rip out a sensor from it being in a place I couldn't get comfortable with.

To use the same sensor more than 7 days, all you need to do is "Stop Sensor", and "Start Sensor".  You're basically fooling it into thinking you started a new one.  The receiver will automatically end your session after 7 days, but from there you just "Start Sensor" again, wait the two hours, calibrate, and you're good again.

Best of luck!


As for what Kim has said about the sensor starting and stopping that is right. I can usually get mine to last about 13 days before the adhesive finally gives way.

As for the location. I usually use my abdomen/ love handle area or I did when I started. I have been using my upper arms for about six months. The only thing about location on the arms that you should be aware of is shirt length. If you wear short sleeve shirts alot, you want to make sure the sensor is above that. Also this has only happened once, but you also want to the first few times you dress/ undress note if the sensor catches on anything. I have lost one sensor prematurely due to it getting caught on a shirt sleeve. Otherwise when using your arms as with any area, make sure the area is clear of anything that might make the adhesive not hold as well, i.e. hair and such. otherwise it will go fine.

As for getting answers from Dexcom about reuse, they can not "tell" you about reuse as the sensor is currently only FDA approved for 7 day use in one location. The same applies for alternate locations other than abdomen and sides. The sensor is approved only for that area. Even though it works fine elsewhere they can only suggest FDA approved locations.

I hope that helps. Any other questions you can ask myself or Kim, she seems to be on the same level as I am with knowledge. Hayley also pops in from time to time. She knows tons of stuff as well. Good luck.

Yep, Brian and I seem to be the Dexcom nerds around here.  :)

Another good point brought up - depending on the sensor location and how much twisting and turning I do, my sensor adhesive lasts anywhere from 2 - 7 days on its own.  After that, I've been using IV3000 tape to secure it...  I use two pieces (they are rectangular in shape), cut out a notch for the side of the sensor, and tape it back down, one on each side.  Works like a charm.

Kim, was the DexCom as accurate on the lower back as on the abdomen? I've had to move mine to my arm (was originally ONLY using stomach) because perspiration kept causing the adhesive to come unglued. I never even considered the back.  I think that's a great idea. It would require assistance from someone else to get it on, though. The DexCom people said that people have had luck with the inner thigh (babies, I assume) and the arm.  Thanks for the ideas.  I tried to use the IV3000 and that doesn't stay on for me either. Right now, I've got that nasty stuff that the blood labs use and wrap around your arm to hold it on.  :(  For anyone else: understand that I have REALLY weird issues with adhesives sticking. Don't think that my problems are "normal"... Docs keep telling me it must be some weird chemical issue in my skin (that causes oil or some type of residue to disengage adhesives).  Weird, eh?


I have not noticed a difference in accuracy based on where I'm wearing the sensor.  The accuracy issues I have had seem to most often happen if I am rising or falling rapidly.

If I put the sensor more towards my side than my spine, I can get it on myself - but yes, when I move it farther over, I need help with it.

Where on your arm do you wear your sensors?  I know a couple of people do that, but I can't figure out where on my arm to do it without it being highly visible. 

I want to thank all of you for your insights. I have to admit, the IV3000 idea has worked like a charm!  I actually place the sensor on my inner thigh, sounds weird, but worked great.  I go the the gym almost every day, also try to surf most afternoons, it did not have any issues!  I want to try my arm next time I switch locations, it seems too logical of a place, but appreciate the issue of making sure it does not get dislodged.  Brian, I hope never to have to buy a replacement transmitter due to it falling off without notice.  Thanks for the word of caution!

BTW - has anyone been able to see a Solo Micro Pump yet??  I have a non-working sample and am hoping to get one soon.  The company, Israeli-based with US offices in Florida, is doing the 'slow roll-out' introduction, I may have to go to the East Coast to get one originally.  I bring this up because it is about the same size as the Dexcom sensor and will require the same considerations for placement.  Go to www.solo4you.com to check it out.  I only wish all of these wireless devices would communicate via Bluetooth to my smartphone to limit the number of "devices" we need to carry around.