Log book!

I think diabetes would be alot better if i didnt have to write in my log book and write down all my sugars. i have the acti check meter and it records alll my sugars and everything like that sooo do you think maybe i didnt have to rite in the book and just show my metter to my doctor when i have an appointment??

I agree with that, but they like to see the insulin dosages

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I write down bgs, bolus amounts, carb amounts and they love it that I do that. Although, I'm pretty bad about writing all the boluses down.

oh, and they do download my bgs from my tester but they still like the log book

I normally end up giving them my meter to download. . . but they don't like it. . . actually I don't think the doctor cares all that much, my dad does, lol. The deal with writing them down, at least for me, it that I'm supposed to be changing insulin doses on my pump every 3 or 4 days if there are trends developing in highs or lows.

well it never hurts cause the meter could brake or tear up then you would not have them.

Writing stuff in a log is a pain. I can't wait for devices that would make meters or pumps automatically talk to my computer or doctor. I just found out that some companies are building phone apps that will do it. We've used wavesense fon the iPhone to keep records, but there's a new one that's being introduced by Telcare that will wirelessly connect a meter to the iphone (here's the link to the news article I found: www.sfgate.com/.../article.cgi!

My first (and last) log book had a frog on the cover. I was not walking around with that.