Log books!

I hate writing in my log book soo much writing everything i ate its just tiring and just takes too much timee even though it already takes time to check my sugar and do a shot buttt log book is just another thing to dooo!!!!!!!

do you have a meter with a memory? you can use that to help keep track of your numbers so you can write them down in your log book. or invest on a good diabetes management system for your meter that you can upload your results in your computer. there is a meter (Contour USB) that has a management system already in it so just plug into your computer's usb port and follow the directions.

One Touch has teamed up with Medtronic, and the One Touch Meter can now upload all meter results through the Carelink software at Medtronic, that can easily be shared with your endo, or CDE. Works great for me, and I manage what I am doing with the reports provided at Carelink. I do not work for Medtronic, and can only share my opinion based on sole experince to this wonderful technology! Sure beats clintesting!