Lol I love her

Riley (9) just saw a weight watchers commercial and she said "momma that commercial was for type 2 diabetes"  I said "yes and that they can change their life styles  and get better but you have type 1 and its a autoimmune thing not about how healthy you are". She asked what autoimmune means and I just said well its in the body (she understands more than that I just shortened it this time) and she said "oh does than mean I would just have to get robot pancreas?" me "lol yeah pretty much". I was talking to my husband about them last night. Of course she said no way are any robot parts going in me. Still funny and really cool how much she is learning and picking up about diabetes. 

She makes it so much easier to accept and deal with both in me helping her deal with it and me dealing with all my fears for her in the future. She is going to be ok.

The inspiration that kids sometimes offer and are is so amazing. It makes me jealous that I can't be that optimistic or positive. Your daughter has an amazing grasp of things and this will only serve her more in the future. Remember her optimism now when you have your doubts and fears. She will be just fine.

That's amazing she can differentiate T1 and T2! When I was little and kids teased me I had eaten too much sugar and gotten D, I always felt sad but didn't know how to respond. What a smart girl!


Aren't these children just amazing!! My little one tells me i'm the odd ball because i don't have diabetes. She says i'm different and not her :)....and you should see her face every time she meets someone else who has diabetes (no matter what type it is). The first thing she tells them is "Welcome to the Club" and "Only special people can be members". I actually was getting ready to walk into her bedroom the other day (she didn't notice me near the door) and i could hear her talking. Well i got close enough where i could hear and see her but she couldn't me. Believe it or not she had arranged her doll babies and stuffed animals into a classroom setting and she was actually teaching them about Diabetes. Then she took out her good ol' pink baby doll doctors syringe and gave everybody their insulin. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I was so proud of her. Everything she told her "class" was right all the way down to what to do if numbers get too low :)....I truly believe this is easier for them to accept and deal with the younger they are diagnosed. They just seem to make it a part of everyday life and keep on going. If we can stay as positive as they do, then we will all be ok.......Make sure you give that Angel a kiss on the forehead and let her know how proud you are of her!!!

Stay Blessed,

Your Friend


Have you heard of Rufas -I think he is a bear.....He is in mentioned in Groups.I never heard of him before coming here.I am not sure how to get one-I think through JDRF maybe.I heard he is great and such a comfort to kids with d.Wish we would had one,ha......There is a story behind him too !

Did you get a "Bag of Hope"? If not, go to  the JDRF website and request your bag. Rufus is in there along with the book that tells all about his story.

Years back I did call the American Diabetes Association - when my daughter got type1.They were so kind to me and sent a pkg..I think It had 2 notebooks in it If I remember right,and some little balls,stickers etc.......One book is for kids and the other one is for parents,----Title--Wizdom---A kit of wisdom for kids with diabetes ( and their parents)......I have this one in my hand .....Table of contents---What is d-......d care......the ins and outs of insulin.....Healthy eating.....Exercise.. ..record keeping...Emotional adjustments.....Parenting and Family Life.....Friends and Family....Diabetes at school...Diabetes and Discrimination......Sick Days......Special Occasions......The Teen Years....Getting Good Diabetes Care...To Learn More-they give resources....... The American Diabetes has been kind to me over the years when I have called them.

Yeah they gave us one at the hospital with rufus and 2 meters. Riley practices giving him his shots. She isnt ready to do it herself or let us give them to her any place other than her arms. She really does amaze me how accepting of this she is. She is stubborn and shy so the way she has and is over coming any negativity with this and all she has to do and not do now is so much more than I can express here.

Rufus was a lot of fun for us.  She was so excited to get him and take him around to meet everyone.  The book was great too. 

It amazes me how much they understand and how adult they seem taking those shoots and finger pricks.  I have started to keep a journal to help me deal with all of this and I have been writing all the cute things she says in there so that on the hard days I can go back and read it and smile.  Recently she asked her type 2 Grandma why she liked getting shots, perplexed her grandma looked funny at her and she said "Gram you have type 2 diabetes so you must like getting shots because you could get rid of it if you wanted to but you like the shots so you don't."