Well they have dx'ed me LADA Type 1.5.

 When I was dx'ed back in aug./08, they did a GAD test and it came back positive. Now 3 years later they are going to take me off insulin and on to oral meds. To see how I do with diet, exercise and oral meds and bs control. Seems weird I once post a ask why I got type 1 and not type 2. Well now I am type 1 treating like a type 2. Came back and bit me in the backside. LOL

 OMG!!!! Does anyone know where I can donate legally of course. 4 unopened packages of Lantus and Novolg!!!!!!!! I know It could help someone!!!!!! and syringes.

 Wow, no insulin or syringes!! I'll be so lost!!! ROFLMAO