I was recently diagnosed about 5 weeks ago and I’m getting lots of support from family and friends. However, all these people who are either type 2 or not diabetic at all. I appreciate the support but they don’t, or probably ever understand the struggle I face everyday facing type 1. My dad has type 2 and is currently getting off his insulin where I’m sitting there getting 8 shots of insulin daily. It sounds mean, but sometimes I wish I had a friend or a family member who is type 1 so we can help support each other with the diabetes on a deeper level. I feel so lonely.

Hi Maria - This is a common frustration for T1’s. We are only 5% or so of the overall diabetic population, so as you can imagine almost all of the information people are exposed to is geared for Type 2. Fortunately there are Type 1 forums specifically like this, or Groups within general diabetes forums, where we can talk with others who “get it”. Come here as much as you need to. We are a smaller group, but we tend to be more knowledgeable about our disease and eager to help however we can! While people offering advice really do mean well and are trying to empathize with you, just say thank you and offer some gentle education with people you interact with regularly like close friends and immediate family. You can say something like, “Actually, that’s how Type 2’s would handle it, but Type 1’s are a little different” and discuss further if they need more info. Keep in mind that Type 2’s also get frustrated, because they are often blamed for getting their disease, whether they could have avoided it or not. They are often also older, and often it’s hard to learn new habits the older we get. Blaming the person with the disease is rather pointless, and pretty rude. We’re all in this together, but we’re here for you, so stay connected!


You should try looking into your local JDRF chapter which can help you to find people who also have T1D. http://jdrf.org/locations/ Just type in your zip code and it will tell you the closest location. I know what its like to feel the way you are right now as well. I found the Diabetes Online Community to be extremely helpful in me not feeling so isolated. I hope our community here will fill in the void you are looking for!

I am a type one and my sister was diagnosed last year, we were pretty tight about our diabetes for the first month of her diagnosis and then it faded. As Gina says, I would contact the local JDRF office. they have a nice basket of information. I would also see if they have a kids with diabetes support group near you so that you’re able to connect with other people close to your age with diabetes. The online community for people with diabetes is quite incredible.

Be well,

Hi Maria! my name is Fiona and I know what you are going through. I was diagnosed when I was 2 and my sisters bestfriend was diagnosed when I was 7 and my friends sister when I was 9 and I have always looked up to them for advice but they didn’t quite understand at the time, and by the time they did I was like a sensei to them even though I was 6years younger… but even now when I go for a short hike with my mom she starts saying “Oh, I feel low… I need a glucose tablet could you spare some?” and I am certain she doesn’t know what it feels like…
Anyway I wanted to let you know that I am starting to put together a group chat for teens to share experiences and become great DFFs and penpals!! just friend me!