Lonely diabetic teen

So i have been a type one diabetic since I was 20 months old and I am now 16. I go to a small school where there are only 3 other diabetics and they are in grade 5 and lower. I’ve been struggling to find an easy community (online) that always me to easily connect with other diabetic teens and maybe have a convo on how they manage theirs. I would really love to hear from someone other than my parents that knows the difference between type 1 and 2 and that I didn’t get my diabetes from to much Halloween candy! Thanks!:innocent:

Hi Georgina, my daughter has loved the Instagram group started here by teens on the forum. If you search “Instagram” under “coping and support” you can find the way to connect. Best wishes to you!

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Oh my god thank you that really helps! :heart:

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Hey, ai would suggest getting the Beyond Type 1 app, there are many teens and young adults on there! Everyone is so supportive and welcoming! It has really helped me!

My name on there is Kylie Deckard.
Feel free to message me anytime :slight_smile:

Hi Georgina! I’m Abby; I’m 16 years old and I’ve had T1D since I was 7. I’m part of several T1D Teen group chats and I’d love to add you to one of them? Can you pm me so we can exchange contact info?

Hello there are u on facebook i run my own diabetic group your more than willing to join its called da da da beetus effect i think youll like it there hope this is helpful

Hi @giginerdygirl
I’m Chloe. I was diagnosed in 2015. I would love to talk!
Feel free to pm me with your email if you want :slight_smile: