Long Canoe Race/ wet pump question


I am on the pump and my wife and I started canoeing in some local races in the finger lakes area.  I have been able to just disconnect the pump for the races we have done.  We would complete the distances in less than an hour or clsoe to it.  So no issues there.  We have the opportunity to canoe a three day race a total of 90 miles, approximately 30 miles a day!!  I will not be able to take the pump off for this and normally you get wet or have the opportunity to get wet in the canoe. Does anyone have any ideas or come across this issue?  What did you do with your pump?  Seal it in something? I thought about contacting medtronic but have not done that yet. 

so if anyone has any advice or thoughts let me know.

Thanks Aaron

I just recently talked to a medtronic rep because my daughter accidently forgot to unhook before going swimming.  I was surprised when it still worked.  He said it can get wet, just not submerged for more than 30 minutes (I think thats the time limit).  He said the only time it is a problem is if there is a crack in your pump which would allow water to leak in.

Just my experience.  Hope it helps but I would definatly call Medtronic and ask them how long it can get wet.

Good luck!!