LONG ISLANDERS/ metro NY'ers....who's your Endo.?

Hey everyone from Long Island and/or the city.

I've been recently thinking about changing my endo and could use some input.

Does anyone like their dr? if so, who are they and where are they located.





you should get a message to Gina. http://juvenation.org/members/Gina/default.aspx - she's the moderator here, and she lives in that area. she should be able to let ya know of a good endo.



I live in Long Island I go to Winthrop University Endocrinologists and Diabetes Center in Mineola in Nassau County

My doctor is Lawrence Shapiro

All the doctors in this group are awesome! Private message me for more information!


Gina, can they test your A1C right in the office the way they do in the pediatric endo office? Do you feel like you get a lot of support from them? They know a lot about insulin pumps and CGMs?



They used to have a machine to test a1c in the office and then I never got it done there again it was weird. But yes, they are extremely supportive at my diabetes center as well as my endo office and they are one of the best diabetes centers in Nassau County with all of the latest technology knowledge and they have great programs each month for patients. Where do you live Elise?


Gina, thanks so much for getting back to me.

I live in Suffolk, but (this is embarassing) I've been going to the Winthrop Pediatric Endo unit since diagnosis - and now I'm 29! I'm honestly not sure why they still allow me to go there (even though I know I'm not the oldest patient, believe it or not). I like it there, and I love that I get to find out my A1C during my doctor visit. Also, Jean Corrigan (diabetes educator) is awesome... I don't love the idea of leaving her. I've been hearing that, once you leave the peds endo group, you'll find that adult endos just don't compare when it comes to the level of care and attention.

I also hear that a lot of "adult" endos deal with more patients with type 2 and aren't as familiar with how to treat type 1 - but I assume this is not your experience...?

Thanks for your input and your time, Gina!!
- Elise

Jean is your CDE?! I had her when i went to North Shore when i was younger! i totally miss her, she was the best! i'm 26 now, and have been going to an adult endo for a few years. North Shore said they would kick me out, but usually people leave their practice at a certain age cause they feel weird being the only adult there.

i feel like at my endo now, the CDE is too used to treating type 2's, new ones especially. i saw her once, and she was totally patronizing. i almost flipped out when she started telling me how to treat a low. i was like, i've had this probably longer than you've been a nurse, give me a break. i refused to see her after that.

i'm def. going to look into the program at winthrop.


Winthrop is the best. I have heard a lot of good things about jean corrigan. I was diagnosed with type 1 as an adult so I didn't  really know the ped endos. But, I see the winthrop adult endos and I am sure they are just as good as Jean. If they still let you go to her and you feel comfortable keep going until they tell you otherwise! I am 33. I love my doctor at winthrop he saved my life. He is  very caring and it is hard to get that in a doctor these days. I have had to deal with the other endos in the group when they are on call and they are all pretty good. So if you have to make the switch one day I am positive you will be in good hands. Tell them you know me! haha




You go to North Shore? for diabetes care?



i went to north shore from diagnosis (1987 age 5) till about age 21 or so when they moved the peds practice to schneider's. I started going to an adult endo then. in garden city. she's very nice, but isn't giving me the proper care/attention anymore. which is why i'm looking around =)

Go to my endos office. There is a group and they are all very good. They also have a Nurse Practicioner in there now who used to be a CDE and she sees patients now too. Theh diabetes center at winthrop is excellent. Their office is across the street from Winthrop hospital at 222 st. plaza in mineola.

Thanks for starting this thread & to everyone who has responded. I am also from Long Island & was hoping to get a recommendation while at DTreat last month but none of the Long Islanders that were there have transferred from Peds. to Adult Care yet. Anyway, I had been going to one Nassau County Endo. whose office staff was incredibly rude so I switched to someone in Suffolk who had no clue what was going on- our longest conversation ever was about my new pump. Needless to say everyones recommendations have led me to call Winthrop & I am making an appointment with them tomorrow. So thank you everyone really because your all helping me to get back on track!

:) Erin


I am so happy you are calling Winthrop! They are truly the best and tell them Gina Capone recommended you!