Long shot but for my daughter

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This may be a long shot and im not sure if i can even ask , but is thier anyone that may have switched to the Dexcom 7G or is no longer using the g6 . I am desperately in need of g6 senors for my 5 year old our insurance is taking months to get anything done we have had a few scares of Ketonosodosis and she hates to check her blood the old fashion way .

Thank you

@Gianna90 Here is someone who posted they have a couple of spares an hour ago.

Let us know if you want any help with your insurance situation. I’ve gotten pretty good an figuring out the various ways insurance and DME supplies mess up orders.

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Hi @Gianna90 . When I’ve had issues with processing I’ve found it has helped to contact my doctor’s office - sometimes insurance is waiting on documentation or special authorization from them. While you’re waiting you might check out the Freestyle Libre - it does not loop with pumps (at least not yet) but you can get readings without a fingerstick and there are alarms. Freestyle is available at local pharmacies - a prescription is required but I think the process is much simpler and quicker than with Dexcom.

I’m still using but have a few to spare. Piece then together with others & should be a bridge until insurance comes through. Also ask doc to call dexcom rep and get samples. They can do so but need pushing….

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Hi again @Gianna90 . I just noticed you said it takes months for your insurance to get anything done. Initial authorization for medical equipment may take a couple of weeks at most, as insurance needs to get and review documentation from physicians to make sure the patient meets their criteria; but once it’s in place it should go much more quickly. If I am waiting on an order from my split company and there is a delay I find they are usually waiting to hear back from my doctor and a quick call to get office is all it takes. If the delay is in fact with insurance you should speak with a supervisor. Your device rep might be helpful as well.

Dexcom sends replacement sensors for pretty much everything. Have you had any sensors fail/fall off/be innacurate/have other issues lately? There’s a form in the dex app you can fill out to get a replacement sent. I fill out the form each time something goes wrong and they always send me a new sensor within 3-5 days. This has helped me build a stockpile of extra sensors so I always have 1-2 extras on hand.
Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing so many delays! Especially with a young kid- I can imagine that’d be tough!

Don’t know if this will help, but if you have a prescription, you can go to a pharmacy with a goodrx coupon and get sensors, it looks like (you will need to put in your own location):

Goodrx: https://www.goodrx.com/dexcom-g6

There are also websites if you google it that sell diabetes supplies online, though a bit expensive. I don’t know what all would be involved in ordering–whether you need a prescription, etc. But here’s an example: Dexcom G6 Sensors 3-Pack – RapidRxUSA

Hopefully she can get somewhat comfortable w/ finger sticks though, too, b/c even with a CGM, finger sticks are a needed part of management, mainly when the CGM seems off and you need to verify what the glucose number actually is for purposes of treatment.

Best of luck!!

That would be great if its possible to spare

@Gianna90 How is it going getting insurance to cover your daughter’s CGM?

Dexcom also offers the sensors for a “cash only price” at a discount to what the pharmacies normally charge to help those in need. You could try giving them a call. The last time I was without insurance I was able to get my sensors for @ $70.00/month. You can only do this for 6 months though. Still, it did help!

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