Long-timer looking for a buddy

Hi all, My name is Ashley, I am 25 and was diagnosed at 5. I have had diabetes for 20 years now. I am really struggling now. A lot. I am just going through the motions of Diabetes, I have become reactive instead of proactive. I have never had a Dia-Buddy but now I am actively seeking on and it is hard to find I am hoping this will help. Please let me know if anyone has advice on finding a dia-buddy. I was hoping for someone who lives near me and I may be out of line asking but I live in Michigan and was hoping you all can help. maybe there is a group I haven’t found or just someone to sit down with. Thank you all for your advice.

Hi Ashley @Fire_Byrd3, I’m a “Long-Timer” too, diagnosed in 1957, so maybe we could be buddies if we lived next door to one another.

You may be able to find a buddy living near you, or someone around your age by visiting and participating in JDRF events - to find a JDRF Chapter near you and diabetes related events and happenings in your area click on the “EVENTS” Tab at the top of this page and then click “JDRF Near You” box.
In my area [Florida], there is a very active young adults [20 - 35] with diabetes group meeting a couple of times every month.