LOOK FOR PARENTS OF T1'S IN VIRGINIA (or even just T1's in Virginia)

We where recently diagnosed with T1 on December 4th. We live in Central Virginia (Charlottesville) and would love to find other families in our area or even or state to connect with. My daughter (Shyla) is 6yrs old and we are still adjusting to our "New Routine" (i can't say a new life, because we are STILL the same people we where before she was diagnosed)...I think our biggest accomplishment is we have made diabetes a part of us and we have NOT become a part of diabetes.... My daughter is handling this like a "Trooper" but she would really love to meet other people (not just children) who also have T1. She wants to know what other people do to manage their diabetes and i think it is wonderful for her to see and meet adults with T1 because it lets her KNOW that yes she WILL be an adult one day and just because she has T1 doesn't mean she won't live a long life....She is the type of child that once you meet her, you fall in love with her (just look at her picture)...So if there are any T1's in Virginia we would LOVE  to hear from you....

Have a Blessed day

I live just outside Richmond.  There are several type 1s here in the commonwealth, there is a thread for VA somewhere on page one or two in this group.  There is also a Central VA chapter located in Richmond that I found at JDRF's site.

thanks for reaching out to us! I'll definitely look for the Va people.