Looking for a Blood Glucose meter that allows meaningful tracking, charting and tagging

Hi all.

I'm sure this gets asked all of the time.  Does anyone have a blood glucose meter they swear by that allows aggregation of historical data, tracking, key word tagging, etc. that is effective in helping you forecast potential BG problems related to diet and exercise by recording historical data?  I am interested in leveraging data to better manage my 10-yr-old's diabetes.

Presently we use the One Touch.

Which One Touch are you using?


I have the One Touch UltraSmart, which not only logs (and can be downloaded onto your computer, print logs and charts, etc for your endo) but can also track diet and insulin intake, as well as ex exercise and health. I don't use most of the options on a regular basis but they are nice to have.


We have the OneTouch Ultra2

oh yeah the UltraSmart gives you more options for tracking things than the Ultra2



check under "tracking additional info"

I just got a Bayer Contour USB, after using Onetouch for the last 2 years.  I have a problem with keeping logs (dr gets really angry w/me). I haven't used it much yet, my last shipment of supplies came with an ad for the Contour USB, and CVS had them on sale for $10 (regular price $80). The kit came with 25 or 30 test strips, so I used it a week before my last appt.  I like this one because it has 500 mb memory for about 2000 tests, connect it to your computer, and it loads up a program called Glucofacts, downloads all the tests, shows trends, it has a timer to remind you when your next test is due.  The Glucofacts program, imho, is the best part of this, like an automatic log book.  It also show a line chart, bar chart, pie chart, that are all printable.  I find it easy to use, and will be sure to get the test strips and use this one full time when I order new supplies. 

Contour USB is pretty good, I like it and you can download results onto your computer.

Thanks all.  Just found out my insurance BC/BS will only cover One Touch test strips.  I specifically asked about the Bayer Contour and the pharmacist said it's $300 per month for the test strips.  Disappointing but I'll see what I can do with the OneTouch UltraSmart.  Thanks all for pitching in.